Noton versus Windows XP

  GBPilot 19:28 23 Apr 2006

Which do you advise? Windows Firewall and Norton Antivirus (with Iternet Worm Protection turned off) or, All Norton Antivirus on with Windows Firewall turned off? Also is there a place for Microsoft's Spyware?

Interested in your ideas.

Gordon Baynes

  sunny staines 19:31 23 Apr 2006

I use norton firewall & AV. But Microsoft Defended plus several other spyware programs

  sunny staines 19:32 23 Apr 2006

not "but" should read and

  pennyben 19:38 23 Apr 2006

As a lot of questions it 'depends'. Windows FW is very good at hiding your PC, try some of the online testing progs, but does not check outgoing data.

I think most people are a little paranoid so a software FW is probably a good idea. A number of free ones exist that are very good. My recent favourite is NetVeda.

click here

which is good and is light on resources.

Norton has a lot of critics but if you are happy with it fine.

Try some FW's and choose the one you are happy with. Have a look at the link below.

click here

  The Spires 23:29 23 Apr 2006

pennyben, the firewall review & leak test link is interesting, the fact that the free Jetico firewall scored so well was especially surprising. I have played around with quite a few firewalls in the last year or so (just for fun really) & will try the Jetico out.

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