notification area chevron

  obi wan 22:13 18 Dec 2003

Using XP home, recently reformatted and re-installed. I cant figure out why the notification area chevron keeps disappearing. Have tried different settings but it still comes and goes. Why it annoys me so much is a different question, but my eyes are drawn to it! It did not happen before re-install. TIA

  Mike ® 22:28 18 Dec 2003

If you have chosen to hide any icons, the chevron will only be present when that program ( and hence the icon ) is running. If that makes sense.

  christmascracker 23:02 18 Dec 2003

If you really want it there all the time just set one of the program icons to "always hide" in the customise notification section.

It annoys me too which is why I have the volume icon on always hide!

  MIke 23:06 18 Dec 2003

My Chevron sometimes turns into a dark blue square! Now that is annoying.!!!

  obi wan 16:39 19 Dec 2003

I have been chevron positive the whole day! Thanks.

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