Nothing from PC, is it dead?

  lahorie 10:47 11 Sep 2007


My PC just stopped working, the monitor light is blinking like it's in sleep mode but i dont get anything on screen on bootup, not even the BIOS screen display.

I've changed the graphics card, installed some spare ram i had and even changed the hard disk to see if it woulod boot up but nothing, i also tried these components in a differnet machine and they work fine, the processor is working and the cooling fan spins, the cd opens and closes but i get nothing else what so ever.

Any help please?


XP Pro, 1GB RAM, Intel Pentium 4 processor

  baldydave 13:30 11 Sep 2007

Have you checked monitor cable - loose! (both ends).I have had a cable bent at 90 degrees which caused to cables inside to break. Try a different monitor.

  A-Nonymous 13:34 11 Sep 2007

Most likely to need a new moniter - sorry!

  Brad G 14:00 11 Sep 2007

do you hear any beeps when you turn the computer on? if it beeps once, the power on self test has passed...

i wrote a program which tells you what all the beeps mean.. you can download it from here

click here

  lahorie 14:15 11 Sep 2007

Thanks Guys.

Sorry should have added checked monitor too and monitor cable, i don't get anything at start up, no beeps nothing, the hard light disk light flickers for about 5 seconds then nothing, just a blank screen with the power on light flickering every 2 or 3 seconds.

It was ok 2 days ago, i haven't downloaded or installed any hardware/software.

I shut down as normal and now this...


  Brad G 14:30 11 Sep 2007

have you tried it with your old ram and new graphics card?

  lahorie 14:55 11 Sep 2007

Hi Brad G

Yes i tried every combination i could think of, i dont think its the RAM or Graphics as they both worked when installed in a spare machine together.

  Brad G 14:55 11 Sep 2007

hate to say it...... but could be your processor

  Brad G 15:01 11 Sep 2007

sorry i retract my last post... the reason i said this, is that i had the same symptoms as you had a few months ago.... it was my motherboard.. not my processor. but that doesnt mean it will be the same in your case... food for thought

  lahorie 09:42 12 Sep 2007

Hi Brad G

I'm thinking about swapping the power supply, i know it's a long shot but worth a go, if it was the motherboard, would the cd drive still open and close, there is a led on the motherboard which lights up when pc is powered on....

  Brad G 09:53 12 Sep 2007

yes the cd drive will still open, the hard drivs may even spin up, the lights on the mobo will be on. certaoinly worth testing your PSU . i have a tester i brought from ebay, and they prove to be invaluable to keep in your toolbox

have a look here
click here

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