nothing on monitor

  zebbydog 15:11 04 May 2003

I have been given an old desk top pc from a school and when you switch it on everything lights up ok but nothing comes onto the monitor.

I want to put my windows 98 os on it i have all the discs and a start up floopy.

Can any body give me any imformation please.

I just want it to play with to try and learn
Thanks in advance Zebby

  graham√ 15:17 04 May 2003

Has the monitor got its own power switch, perhaps? Also check the fuse in the mains lead. Don't open the monitor! Try it on another system and vice versa.

  wee eddie 15:30 04 May 2003

display some sort of logo if they receive power but no signal.

So. What you describe sugests "No Power".

Follow graham√'s instructions. Possibly borrow another mains cable, yours may be faulty.

Other thoughts. where is it powered from. Mains or PC. If mains - open the plug and check that all the wires are connected. Just systimatically check to see why the power might be missing

  zebbydog 15:32 04 May 2003

The monitor i am useing is the same one iam useing to send this message so it must be ok

  meatlaff2 15:57 04 May 2003

I had similar prob on a mates comp a few weeks ago. Does it make the normal 'beep' noises on start up? If so it could be the graphics card. Try taking it out, give the contacts a clean and re seat it. If it make a 'screeching sound' at startup (which was the prob i had with my mates comp) I finally figured that the comp was not reading the 1st memory bank. I took out the mem sticks, cleaned them and put them back and it was ok.

  zebbydog 16:29 04 May 2003

Have checked the memory and cleaned, i do not see a grphics card there are 2 pci slots both empty. It is a socket 7 board it also says a pc100 SIS 530 where would the card be.

  wee eddie 16:55 04 May 2003

Ther may be a setting problem in you new PC

  hugh-265156 16:59 04 May 2003

sis530 is onboard video click here it might have been diasbled.some boards require changing you know mobo model?

  zebbydog 17:21 04 May 2003

How do you start in safe mode when there is nothing on your monitor.

I do not no the mobo model, i have just noticed that the keyboard lights flash on when you switch on then go off and do not come on when you press num or caps lock, would this be anything to do with the trouble.
They stay on on my main pc so its not the keyboard

  hugh-265156 17:26 04 May 2003

as soon as you turn on the computer try tapping F1/F2 delete etc and see if you can access the bios.are you getting any beeps from the case when you turn on?take the side of the case and get a torch look on the mobo and see if the model printed on it or on a sticker etc.

  wee eddie 17:36 04 May 2003

QWhen you switch on keep tapping the F8 button till you hear a bleem then step back and wait.

go to Control Panel and have a look at your Display Settings

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