Nothing on the monitor

  s99Raj 18:20 08 Sep 2004

I can get nothing up on the monitor when I switch on.

A different monitor which I know works has the same effect.

All the leads etc. are working and pushed in.

The video display is built onto the motherboard, MS 6378 Version 1.

I get one beep when I switch on and the computer seems to start up as normal but the monitor remains blank. Sometimes I get no beeps at all.

I've tried changing power supplies, removing the RAM, cleaning it and replacing it, removing the internal modem, adding an video card but still get a blank screen.

For a while I did get the first screen of writing at the top but that lasted about 1 maybe 2 seconds and disappeared. The computer then ran as normal apart from the fact that the screen remained blank.

Could it be that the m/b has simply had it and it's time for a new one?

  [DELETED] 18:35 08 Sep 2004

You could try borrowing a graphics card from someone to see if that works, It may be just the onboard graphics that have packed up. Also you might check your BIOS to see if the onboard graphics has somehow become disabled.

  s99Raj 21:38 08 Sep 2004

That's what I've tried - a different graphics card but I still get the same problem.

And I can't get into the BIOS because nothing appears on the screen!

  jack 21:52 08 Sep 2004

If the monitors work elsewhere
If a PCI graphics card does not run.
If the monitors leads ARE good.
How are the monitors powered direct to mains or through the computer?
If through the computer try connecting indpendantly to mains.
If that is not good
Time to bin it I suggest [unless under warranty]

  s99Raj 21:57 08 Sep 2004

The monitor is fine because I use it many times with other computers, and it's powered by its own mains power lead and not via the computer.

A PCI graphics does not work - so maybe it's time to bin it?

Warranty has long run out.

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