nothing happens when I boot up

  pookie 12:23 16 Sep 2003


Work has a really old pc that's not working and they wanted me to look at. It's a compaq deskpro with celeron processor.

When I plug in power cable and press the start button on the tower it doesn't make any sounds from psu or fans. nothing seems to happen except a small green light comes on on the mobo. No signal comes up on the monitor.

I've made sure that all connectors are in tight, and they seems to be.

To you does it sound like the psu has packed up? or any other advice?

Many thanks


  pookie 13:40 16 Sep 2003

refresh :-)

  pookie 15:22 16 Sep 2003

thanks for replies

still nothing happening - i've put it down as a lost cause


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