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  TonyV 13:02 06 Dec 2011

We have a BOSE Wave Music System including the bolt on DAB facility. What a load of rubbish this system is. Can any one tell me how to reduce the base element so that you can at least hear the male voice on any of the radio stations? It is unbelievably bad. I bought it for my wife as a present about 2 years ago now, and have had it back to BOSE but it came back just as bad. I cannot use the DAB system and have to use the FM system so that the Talk On or Off is available. This does reduce the base a bit, but for the price of this kit is not a real answer.

When speaking to BOSE about the problem, there is no equaliser system that owners can adjust, so you are stuck with what you get, but they said the system is suspect to where you may have it situated in the house. "Try it in the middle of the room!" Was there comment. What planet are they on?

Does any one have any ideas what can be done with it, short of throwing it out the window!

The write ups all say what a superb bit of kit it is, but I have to beg to differ. I have a Sony Hi-Fi system in the study (a quarter of the price of the BOSE) and it is far superior to the BOSE. Lets face it, the Bose system is not cheap, so it was really a wee bit of a disaster in buying it.

Hope some one can come up with some advice. May be to return it to the as shipped state. So far I cannot see how to do that. It seems that once it has been tuned from the start up, you don't seem to be able to retune it or adjust the tuning to get the absolute best position of the station.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:34 06 Dec 2011

Not enough or too much emphasis on low notes:

Move the ACOUSTIMASS® module closer to a wall or corner to emphasise low notes. Move it further from a wall or corner to de-emphasise low notes.

from here

  TonyV 17:19 06 Dec 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

What the H**l is the ACOUSTIMASS® module? I have the radio CD module and the DAB module. Maybe the Radio/CD module is the Acoustimass unit. But I have it against a wall, or at least about 9" away from it!



  TonyV 17:24 06 Dec 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

ACOUSTIMASS® module seems to be some sort of cinema surround speaker system. Not what I have. The speaker system is contained in the Radio/CD module.



  northumbria61 17:27 06 Dec 2011
  TonyV 20:30 06 Dec 2011


No, I do not have that system. Mine is the sort you usually see on the back page of Sunday paper magazines. The Radio and CD player as a single unit and a DAB box as a separate entity, but connected to the Radio/CD unit via wire.


  TonyV 23:22 06 Dec 2011


I followed your link, but could find nothing about the location of the device, except don't put on a metal top, or in a damp place and site opposite from where you will be listening from!

I searched for base and reduce, and came up with a lemon.



  TonyV 09:55 07 Dec 2011

Lazarus The 2nd, Woolwell

I should learn to spell properly!! When looking for bass, sure enogh up it came.

Many thanks. Incidentally, when following Woolwell's link, I did find out how to perform a system reset. So something came out of.

We are hoping to move house in the not too distant future and will have a go at relocating it and probably get hold of a better external aerial, in the hope that that will improve the system.

Many thanks.


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