nothin natta not a thing!

  LivEviL 23:49 20 Feb 2006

right the problem is AVG and NIS 2005 when clicked to open pop up and then close! i think the comp has a virus! mayb also the firewall on norton keeps lockin up and not lettin nefin have access! even when i have uninstalled it completely ran ccleaner and then re installed it still crashs! any suggestions (other then get rid of NIS) thanks in advanced!

  AndySD 23:54 20 Feb 2006

Two antivirus programs on the same pc is not recomended try removing AVG

  johnnyrocker 23:57 20 Feb 2006

personally i would recommend keeping avg as opposed to nis which creeps all over ones machine and can slow it down.


  WhiteTruckMan 00:07 21 Feb 2006

I used to tell people that having two AV installations on one system was like having two girlfriends in the same room at the same time-you can be sure that nothing good will ever come of it! :)


  LivEviL 01:18 21 Feb 2006

right ok but thats not the problem guys i have on my pc both and they have worked fine for years! my problem is-(its not on this pc odviously on another) norton keeps failin to load when fully installed it cradhes on the registration like its being blocked ( windows firewall is off) and avg when opened opens for a second then closes! its like theres somthing closin it and makin it not open to protect its self! avg opens ok in safe mode (but didnt find any virus') but norton still doesnt open its just fails! i forgot to say its windows Xp as u would all asume! its got intel celeron processor and thats all i can remember of top of head! cheers peeps! xXLivEviLXx

  007al 01:22 21 Feb 2006

Search this forum for Norton...nearly all will say remove it

  WhiteTruckMan 01:31 21 Feb 2006

if you dont want to loose one of them then best I can come up with is restart in safe mode and see if you can manually scan teh system if any of them will work. failing that then try system restore.


  quack 07:28 21 Feb 2006

The point that Andy SD is trying to make is that two AV programmes on the same machine will have a tendency to conflict with each other. Norton Internet Security suite particularly doesn't like any other AV programme running alongside it. Get rid of one or the other AV programme. AVG is much easier to uninstall.

  LivEviL 08:44 21 Feb 2006

BUT thats not my problem! the comp didnt have AVG free on it before this started happenin! coz i cant launch NIS or NAV i couldnt scan or download updates! and coz NIS firewall wouldnt let anything go on the tinternet i used the AVG free from my Usb disk! avg didnt find anything mind-but i did find some spyware! but in normal mode i cant launch either programms they both keep closing! in safe mode AVG opens but still NIS2005 doesnt open! the Main Question is! why isnt NIS2005 or AVG not opeing in normal mode! i have uninstalled NIS as the firewall keeps lockin up and not lettin neting access the internet! so its just AVG on the system now! how come i cant open AVG!
Do you think there is a virus or spyware of some sort not alowing any security programms open?

do u think its wise to do a sfc /scannow and just see if repairing windows may help?

  LivEviL 11:58 21 Feb 2006


  daxian 15:01 21 Feb 2006

norton is subscription based it will stop functioning properly if you have not paid for the updates, could that be the problem ?

as AVG is a free anti-virus checker, i would disable norton and see if avg will work then.

if avg works in safemode and shows no virus then its a safe bet that you dont have a virus (as long as you have the latest updates).hope this helps Dave.

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