Notepad or HTML Editor?

  User-9A301A1F-01D2-4B94-A9F1461E8F998ED4 10:22 26 Oct 2004

I have recently become interested in the making of websites and have had a little dabble in it myself. I have a few friends online who are experienced with html and they all seem to think that using notepad and writing the entire code yourself is the best way to make a website.

I myself downloaded a trial html editor and made a very very simple website of my own. My first attempt in fact.

click here

Stop laughing! Anyway you see how much of a novice i am at this. My question is: What do i need to improve on this? Learn code? Get myself a better html editor? Good ftp program? Grpahics etc?

Basicly i want to have everything i need so i can go on to to build bigger and better websites.

  D-Frame 11:08 26 Oct 2004

Well for a newbie thats not bad... its basic, quick loading.

My opinion learn HTML and use NOTEPAD... its the best thing... then you can learn PHP or CGI (all in notepad), to me NOTEPAD is the best thing since computers first came out... i dont know, but yeah NOTEPAD is excellent for HTML, once you know it.

  Sir Radfordin 11:35 26 Oct 2004

There is no reason not to use notepad but it will take twice as long (if not longer) to get the basic things done. A WYSIWYG editor such as Frontpage or Dreamweaver save lots of time and make things a lot simpler for you. It is always good to understand the code that such an editor is creating but you don't need to be able to see there and type it out by hand.

  sean-278262 23:21 26 Oct 2004

Look at internet magazines,most come with programmes on disk my favourite is .net which is often littered with WYSIWYG editors.also consider what you may already have on your system.MSWORD is good for a dabble into webdesign and is familiar to most so no learning thousands of new designs.

I myself use dreamweaver mx 2004 and a combination of programming and WYSIWYG editing.

  dez fowler 20:09 11 Nov 2004

Notepad is ok to begin with but once you get into ASP/PHP/ASP.NET you need to look at a more advanced programming environment with things such as code colouring and code completion. I wouldn't bother with WYSIWYG cos what you see is rarely what you get, just run a webserver on your computer and have the page open in your browser, refreshing as you make changes.

For learning, my favourite reference is w3schools click here which has tutorials and examples as well as references for most web technologies.

  Taran 21:19 11 Nov 2004

Learning to code by hand is not something that is absolutely necessary these days, up to a point. The better WYSIWYG editors produce good output to begin with, and after practice it needs almost no molesting to get the best from.

Anyone who says they can write cleaner code with Notepad is right, sort of. I've seen some truly awful Notepad code though, written by die-hard codeslingers who think they're living the purist Tao of web authoring by scratching around in a lousy text editor.

Don't get me wrong, I use Notepad myself sometimes for quick fixes and, way back when, it was pretty much all we had on Windows computers to write our HTML.

If you must hard code everything I'd suggest you consider a better text editor. Whoever invented code syntax highlighting deserves a medal for a start, and better file management, built in browsers and all kinds of other things work wonders.

Put it this way, the amount of extra time required to hard code everything would put me out of business if I reflected that cost in my clients' invoices.

There are loads of good, free code editors available with all the bells and whistles any budding codeslinger might want. Try these three for starters:

click here

click here

click here

If you want a pretty good (and free) WYSIWYG editor, very much along the lines of FrontPage, you could do far worse than try Nvu click here

It was originally written for Linux but has since been ported over to Windows and I rather like it. At a little under 7mb it has to be worth the time to download. It can help you to create your code/pages quickly and easily, and then you can always go into the code manually to learn and edit it.

A list of good editors is all but impossible, since there are so many and different people like them for different reasons.

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