podlod 12:45 16 Nov 2007

Hi, could someone please explain why I cannot save anything in notepad, as when I try to save something that I need to in notepad, nothing happens?

  hiwatt 13:06 16 Nov 2007

If you go into file and choose "save as" and give it a title it should save that way.

  hiwatt 13:09 16 Nov 2007

Make sure you save it somewhere you know where to find it.It should save in "my documents" automatically though.

  Sea Urchin 13:39 16 Nov 2007

My system (Office 2003) seems to automatically save it to the C Drive, so you may need to change it and specify My Documents.

  podlod 14:07 16 Nov 2007

Thanks for coming back to me, but as I said when I want to save and I click save when I get a report from my anti virus software, nothing happens, a sign of the notepad comes up and then just disappears, and it does not give me a choice?

  podlod 14:43 16 Nov 2007

Hi marg, yes I can copy and paste no prob.
Could you please tell me how I can save to somewhere else or how to get to the location, im not to bright on certain aspects of the pc, thanks

  podlod 09:56 17 Nov 2007

Hi Marg, yes I have saved the report by copy & paste to Microsoft word but some wont accept unless its in notepad?dont know why not?

  podlod 12:30 17 Nov 2007

Hi marg saved the result for report from bit def on word as you suggested, ok, now what?

  podlod 14:26 17 Nov 2007

Thanks Marg, but I have sent a report off to Bit Def but have not come back to me now for 3 days, I am at my wits end, and what with this damned filepicker as well, I cant download anything!!!!! what the hell is it?????

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