Notebook won't start - despite a flicker of life!

  Episodic1 12:26 05 Jan 2018

...the storey so far:

We've had an Asus X551C Notebook for a few years but it just suddenly gave up and wouldn't start. We tried re-charging the battery but no luck.

We put it to one side and forgot about it for a few weeks, then by chance just tried starting it up again and it whirred and worked! This was not to last, unfortunately, and we are back to square one with no startup.

I've tried replacing the battery but it's not resolved the issue. When I fitted the new battery, the charging light did the usual and glowed orange and then green when I connected the charger so I think something is going right.

When the power switch is pressed (connected to charger) the green light goes off, whilst pressing. When the power switch is pressed (not connected to charger) there is no green light.

Is there any hope? What could I try next, please?

It has Windows 10 loaded.

  Episodic1 16:55 09 Jan 2018

Thanks for the reply. The laptop is still charging but the light has turned green so I think it's done. Is there a component that I can replace to overcome this issue?

  Govan1x 17:45 09 Jan 2018

I take it you have the charging icon on the Taskbar near the clock does it show the battery fully charged. or still charging.

Cant help with the battery it seems some asus costomers are not that happy with them.

  Episodic1 19:10 09 Jan 2018

The battery is at 100% now and Windows is running. What I'd like to know, if possible, is whether I can overcome the static issue (pressing on/off with battery out) by replacing any of the components. As I've got to pull the laptop apart to get at the battery, it's not very practical!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 09 Jan 2018

Do not worry about the static problem as the laptop is now working.

It appears that changing the CMOS battery has solved your problem.

  Episodic1 10:41 10 Jan 2018

Hello Fruitbat.

Not sure it was the CMOS battery that resolved the issue, unfortunately. I put a voltmeter on the old one that I took out and it was chucking out 3v. The only way that I can get the laptop to run is to dissipate the static by pressing the on/off switch with the battery out and as it's buried deep in the laptop it's not practical to do this. I've ordered a new on/off switch in the vague hope that this may help resolve the static issue.

Just a thought from me, which probably isn't particularly well informed, is that to start up the laptop may need some boost power from some sort of capacitor? Is it this that I am re-setting each time I hold the on/off down for 30 seconds?

  Govan1x 12:03 10 Jan 2018

Have you tried the voltmeter on the power supply by rights your laptop should have started using just the power supply when the battery was removed.

Does the power cord have any play in it when connected to the laptop. Does it wiggle about a bit or is it firm the way it should be.

  Govan1x 12:07 10 Jan 2018

Ignore that last post, you said the battery was charging yesterday so probably not the charger.

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