Notebook won't start - despite a flicker of life!

  Episodic1 12:26 05 Jan 2018

...the storey so far:

We've had an Asus X551C Notebook for a few years but it just suddenly gave up and wouldn't start. We tried re-charging the battery but no luck.

We put it to one side and forgot about it for a few weeks, then by chance just tried starting it up again and it whirred and worked! This was not to last, unfortunately, and we are back to square one with no startup.

I've tried replacing the battery but it's not resolved the issue. When I fitted the new battery, the charging light did the usual and glowed orange and then green when I connected the charger so I think something is going right.

When the power switch is pressed (connected to charger) the green light goes off, whilst pressing. When the power switch is pressed (not connected to charger) there is no green light.

Is there any hope? What could I try next, please?

It has Windows 10 loaded.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:31 05 Jan 2018

Disconnect battery disconnect mains lead. Hold power button for 30 seconds.

reconnect mains only and try to boot.

What happens?

  Episodic1 16:48 05 Jan 2018

Hello, Fruitbat and thanks for your reply.

Just tried what you suggested and the result was that it didn't start, unfortunately. Also, I noted that with the battery out but the mains connected (assuming that that was what you meant), the little green LED power light did not come on. With both battery and mains power lead connected, the green light comes on but no startup.

With this model of Asus notebook, the battery is internal so I need to unscrew the keyboard to get the battery out. To do what you suggested, I clipped the keyboard back on after taking out the battery and then pressed the power button.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:04 05 Jan 2018

Don't make life easy anymore do they?

Afraid its not looking good if there are no signs of life, If you remove memory and hard drive it may beep at you try that and tehn reconnect one at once and see what happens then.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:04 05 Jan 2018

Also worth a new CMOS battery as they are cheap.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 05 Jan 2018
  Episodic1 11:40 06 Jan 2018

Hello, Fruit Bat and thanks for the suggestions. No, they don't make it easy! I've got to take out the motherboard and hard drive to get at the RAM and CMOS battery but I'll give it a go, once I've tracked down a battery. Because of the hassle of getting to these bits, which would you go for first, a new CMOS battery or doing the memory/hard drive test? I guess without a functioning CMOS battery the other test may give a false result?

  Govan1x 11:52 06 Jan 2018

Have you tried a different charger. If the green light comes on on the charger and not on the laptop it does not mean it is working. It would be working to the small power box but the lead to the laptop maybe faulty.

Maybe try wiggling the the connection to the laptop to see if this brings up any lights. Or if you can check the charger if you can.

  Episodic1 12:32 06 Jan 2018

Hello, Govan1x and thanks for your reply. I may have caused some confusion, the green light that I mentioned was on the notebook. My first port of call was to replace the battery so when I installed it and connected the charger an orange light came up on the notebook, which turned green after a few hours. I think the charger is working OK. Unfortunately, I can't get any signs of a startup regardless of what combinations of charger/main battery, I try but I do get a green light on the notebook suggesting that power is available but that something after that is not working.

  Govan1x 13:19 06 Jan 2018

Found this that you can have a look at. it also shows how to replace bits and pieces. No doubt you have probably seen it before.

Click Here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 06 Jan 2018

Govan1x thats the link I posted earlier :0)

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