notebook wireless card question

  ploppy1999 10:49 04 Jul 2007

Hi all i've just bought the BT home wireless hub thingy pluged it all in, only to realize my laptop does not have a wireless card. I have a slot for one to go in (when told wireless capeable didn't relaize that ment it hasn't got a card in it!!) so i need to buy one that will work with the bt home hub. But which one? and will i just be able to buy one that slots in and works with the hub or will i have to start confusing myself with routers and stuff.

  crosstrainer 11:05 04 Jul 2007

Dou you own?

  ploppy1999 11:15 04 Jul 2007

a packard bell easy note H5

  crosstrainer 11:52 04 Jul 2007

The usb wifi card for 20.00 might be a goo option for you? click here

  ploppy1999 12:00 04 Jul 2007

and that's nice and stright forward plug it in and it will connect to the bt home wireless hub?

  crosstrainer 12:10 04 Jul 2007

It's a simple soloution, but you will have to enter your network key on first connection to your wireless network

  ploppy1999 12:16 04 Jul 2007

network key?!?

  crosstrainer 12:26 04 Jul 2007

Setting screen (you will need to read the manual for this) using internet explorer, an address such as http// (only an example, they are all different)

If you have enabled security (which I hope you have) a key should have been assigned to prevent others from accessing your network and stealing your bandwidth. If you have not enabled security then your laptop will connect straight away....However, I would strongly advise you to secure your network using wep (this is where you assign the key to your router)

  ploppy1999 15:07 04 Jul 2007

I am now wireless thank you for your help.

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