notebook and dvd driver - does it eat battery?

  ceri and kev 18:58 20 Nov 2010

hello all,

myself and fiance do a lot of night fishing in winter and were going to get a portable dvd player but battery life is rubbish!

so we looked as the notebooks as some have 10hours battery life, great. we went today to see them and get some advise!

hmmm. one shop siad the battery life would only be shortened by about an hour, the next shop said it would eat the battery life and probably wouldnt even play the dvd! next shop said it would stay the same but picture quality may not be any good.

has anyone tried this and have some real results for us to see if its worth spending £250-£300 on notebook?


  tullie 19:40 20 Nov 2010

I have never had a problem watching a dvd on my netbook.Idoubt if you would get the quoted 10 hr figure from your battery though,the best i have had is about seven.

  tullie 19:41 20 Nov 2010

Dont forget that you will have to buy a seperate dvd drive

  sean-278262 20:46 20 Nov 2010

A DVD drive does sap power more than say playing a video stored in the computers drive because it has to keep spinning.

To put things into context however the first thing you need to consider is battery life quotes as tullie said, retailers and manufacturers generally quote the length of time the laptop runs when idle and the best battery saving options enabled to give their time quote. Best I have ever seen is 7-8hours on a 10inch netbook on a stock battery.

As for the moron at the computer retailer that the DVD would not sap more power but degrade the quality of the picture is a load of rubbish, any extra things using power even just a USB stick will drain the battery faster. Also provided the portable DVD drive is getting a clean bill of power from the USB there should be no difference to the quality of playback than if the set up is plugged in.

I would expect with a DVD drive in tow it would be similar to using a portable hard disk and drop the battery life somewhere between 50% and 75% of the normal max run time. But that all depends on the laptop you are using.

At the end of the day have you considered the idea of using a netbook and saving a copy of the DVD to the hard disk while at home then playing it with a virtual drive on the netbook, then there is no need for a portable drive to get lost or damaged, also means your battery life should be much better? If you need to know how to do this I'm sure someone will be happy to advise what you need to do.

  ceri and kev 00:23 21 Nov 2010

that does help a lot.

we were sooo confused today at the martians working in these shops. we needed some sound advise and you have provided it!

we dont want to spend that money if no good for our needs

thanks all and happy fishing!


  ashdav 00:34 21 Nov 2010

Personally I would recommend the Samsung N150.
But Astec123 comments still apply.
Copy anything you want to playback to the netbook (it doesn't have a dvd drive anyway. None of the netbooks do) and knock the display off.
I can get up to 6hrs use with this method.
I found PC World to be the cheapest.

  ashdav 00:43 21 Nov 2010

Just reread your post and it seems you want to watch DVDs.
Battery life of the netbook will be reduced considerably if you use an external drive to play the discs.
If you copy the DVD to the netbook it will improve things but the main drain on the battery will be the display.
Have you considered taking a car battery and an inverter with you?

  tullie 04:24 21 Nov 2010

After making my comments i noticed that you had said notebook.I assumed that you meant netbook when i saw the battery life quoted?

  tullie 04:24 21 Nov 2010

After making my comments i noticed that you had said notebook.I assumed that you meant netbook when i saw the battery life quoted?

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