Notebook Conspiracy

  AndrewMorley 12:25 06 Aug 2014

So, I have a sony vaio notebook. I cracked the screen when moving house and I've been playing through the Hdmi port and haven't had any problems. I was using it the other day and it came up in the bottom right it had to restart and it hasn't worked since. It's just a black screen on my TV and I can't see anything once I've pressed assist so I was wondering does anyone have any ideas? Is there a specific series of keys I can press to get it to restore to factory settings or? As I can't see the screen and it won't work through hmdi now Help!!! Please!!!

  Jollyjohn 13:10 06 Aug 2014

Do you get anything if you cycle through the display modes? On my laptop it is Fn + F5 and it goes Laptop screen - laptop screen and ext display - external screen only. Allow a few seconds after each selection.

Do you have a vga connection on the notebook?

  wee eddie 13:13 06 Aug 2014

Have you tried opening in "Safe Mode"?

Continuously tap the F8 key (sometimes F5 is the key to use) from the moment you have pressed the "On" Button until the Lappy starts up.

If it really is dead. That "needs to restart" might indicate a deeper problem, all is not lost. Buy a caddy for the Hard Drive and you can carry on using it as a Back-up Drive for your next PC, after you have transferred all the information from it and re-formatted.

  AndrewMorley 15:56 06 Aug 2014

Jollyjohn - nothing seems to change when I press that combo. The screen on my actual laptop is cracked but I can still see a colour so when a menu comes up I can see something has happened but I can't see anything of use just a small blue square at the bottom. I need to restore it to factory settings really so I can start again with it. I had large games on there which I think has been killing it really.. I do have a VGA connection but don't have the cable unfortunately and I'm trying to get a non costly solution.

Eddie - I have just tried this and I think the screen maybe a darker grey than usual looking at the little square of colour I have to look at, so it may have gone into safe mode but I have no idea as I can't see anything on the screen and it's not coming through the TV anymore. I have pressed enter a few times to see if anything might happen but seems the same.

I'm just struggling to work out why the hdmi has stopped working. Haven't had any problems at all before now. Oh and occasionally the tv flickers as if it has picked up a picture then stays black.

Took my Xbox back the other month so dying with no laptop aswell!

  Jollyjohn 16:16 06 Aug 2014

If the restart was prompted by an update it may have messed up the HDMI settings hence it not working.

See if you can borrow a vga cable, just to make sure the graphics chip is still working on the laptop. If the gfx chip has gone you will get nothing out on vga either. If you get a picture then you can possibly reset the hdmi settings / driver without a reset to factory settings.

  wee eddie 20:23 06 Aug 2014

If the Monitor was powered up but receiving no signal it would display some sort of notice.

Therefore there is a null signal coming from the graphics

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