Notebook at Aldi Tomorrow

  Bingalau 18:44 23 Jan 2010

Aldi are advertising a notebook for sale...
Has anybody any advice as to whether this Aldi notebook (I think it is a Medion something or other) is suitable for my use. I normally use a PC at home but think I could well use something like this for my mobile home. Can you use these things for communication purposes when you are abroad? I've never used any other computer but the one I have at home. But I know other people seem to use them wherever they are.
No doubt some of you will come up with a better deal more suitable for my use.

  User-312386 18:45 23 Jan 2010

Can you give us a link to it please

  Chas49 20:50 23 Jan 2010

This is the page you want Madboy

click here

  oldbeefer2 09:32 24 Jan 2010

'Can you use these things for communication purposes when you are abroad'. You can - you have to have access to a wireless hotspot; quite routinely found in cafes in many countries (and usually free if you buy a coffee). Can be expensive in some hotels, but free in others (my hotel in Oz wanted to charge £15 a day, so I used a local cafe). Medion seem to have a good reputation (rebadged from some other make, if I remember).

  birdface 10:06 24 Jan 2010

With laptops or Desktops you have to be in the front of the queue to get one.
Most stores only have 3 each to sell and they go quick.

  Bingalau 15:12 25 Jan 2010

Thanks for the replies guys and girls, much appreciated. I've just looked at one in my local Aldi and asked how many they had left and the man said "five". So maybe they aren't selling as well as normal.

  birdface 13:35 27 Jan 2010

Looks like the Notebooks are not a big seller still got some in my Aldi store.
If you are still in the market they have a nice Tower set for next Thursday.
Akoya E4355D for £399.99 they also have a Medion 20" TFT Monitor for £89.99 on the same day.
So a fairly cheap set up.

  birdface 14:14 27 Jan 2010

Sorry That is Thursday the 4th of February and not tomorrow.

  Stoneywood 10:16 28 Jan 2010

Went into PC World yesterday to compare Spec/prices. No value comparison with the Medion.
So, back to Aldi....So far, so good.

  mooly 12:26 28 Jan 2010

Argos have this at £399... seems pretty decent to me.
click here

It's a "real" model and on the MSI website, so not an "Argos" special or anything.

  birdface 13:04 28 Jan 2010

This is the one from Aldi next week.

click here

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