Note for people on the NTL 1MB BB

  BRYNIT 17:23 01 Oct 2006

If you were on the NTL 1MB BB and have not got the 2MB speed yet try unplugging the modem for a few minutes and plug back in. This will reset the modem and hopefuly get you up to speed.

  BRYNIT 22:33 01 Oct 2006


As far as I know you should be on 2MB even with a set top box. You could alway phone NTL Broad Band Technical support from Monday 2/10/06 the Number will be 151 and is free

Personally I would request a modem. If the box completely failed you would loose TV and BB.

  Arnie 22:58 01 Oct 2006

"You would have thought NTL would have told us"

NTL notified me with a letter in my monthly bill.
I was upgraded a few days ago.

  woodchip 23:41 01 Oct 2006

What about NTL/BT line does it apply to that

  March Hare 12:03 02 Oct 2006

Thanks for the info. Just checked mine and it's 1.96Mb. (£17.99)
Didn't have to unplug the modem first, but it is powered down every night

  woodchip 12:58 02 Oct 2006

What Are you paying as that's the serivie I am on but thinking on changingto something cheaper. I pay £24.50 in that region for a 1mb plus the above

  GaT7 15:54 02 Oct 2006

So the 1Mb to 2Mb upgrade would explain my speed recently posted at click here. 2Mb for 9.99 per month, who would've imagined!! G

  Legolas 18:19 02 Oct 2006

Crossbow7 How did you manage to get 2mb for 9.99 a month.

  GaT7 18:44 02 Oct 2006

Legolas, I took up their 1Mb offer for £9.99 a month last June/July.

At the end of my 1st year I asked them if they'd continue at this rate*, & they agreed : )). I think the operator sensed I was going to switch ISP if they didn't.

Also, as I've completed the mandatory one year, I now only need to give them a month's notice to cancel.

I've had very good service so far. Had to call their support just 3-4 times. They couldn't help me on one occasion, so I posted the tech problem at the nthell forum (click here) & I was back online within an hour. G

(* proposed increase was to £17.99 according to their website)

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