Not sure what to do about storage...advice please

  lisa02 22:46 23 Mar 2005

My system in a nutshell:

XP sp2 with all updates, 160Gb Maxtor drive(6Y160P0) LiteOn DVD-RW and a DVDrom drive. Athlon barton 3200+ and 1 gig of kingston ram. My mobo is a MSI K7N2 delta2 platinum.

I want something serious to back upto. I have the option of getting another HDD but I have to get the store to do it,where I got my PC, otherwise it invalidates the warranty, they'll charge extra money too. Or should I use something else....please advise?

  JonnyTub 22:51 23 Mar 2005

External usb 2/ firewire hard drive?

The general rule of thumb is to buy as large a capacity as you can confortably afford.

I personally like the maxtor one touch.

  GroupFC 22:56 23 Mar 2005

I recently bought this click here and I am pleased with it now although I did have some initial teething troubles getting it set up, but the sync s/ware that comes with it is not much cop!

  woodchip 22:57 23 Mar 2005

And I made my own by getting a case from comp faire for about £22 and a 200Gb Seagate Barracuda Drive 8mb buffer for around £70

  peter4076 22:59 23 Mar 2005

Get another Maxtor 160gig approx £65.00 plus £25.00 USB2 Caddy + Acronis True Image ver 8 £16.00 (Amazon) The caddy comes with powerpack & USB lead, so for less than £100.00 you are all setup, every month do a full C drive backup (Image)
takes about 25-30 minutes, turn the external HDD off till next month (Or leave it on), but I only use mine for the complete backups, I use other desktop HDD's for my music & photo's.
I don't believe plugging in a USB lead would invalidate a warranty, thats what they are there for, same as a CDrom drive is for inserting CD's
So best of luck.

  lisa02 22:59 23 Mar 2005

Do you have exp. with these? are they reliable? They seem good but are more money than I thought. However I'd rather pay that than go back to the shop where I got the PC.

  lisa02 23:03 23 Mar 2005

The shop where I got the PC (they built the thing)says they must do all work/upgrades, but the thing that bothers me is, fair enough I have to buy the parts of them, but they'll charge me £15 to £20 extra to fit them.

  DieSse 23:03 23 Mar 2005

Get the store to fit you a caddy mounted, removeable, hard drive. This enables you to keep a backup outside the system, in case of theft or complete meltdowns.

You can choose to do a complete duplicate of your hard drive, or to have a smaller backup drive and do a drive image. I use Acronis True Image, and it has saved a couple of my clients from complete disasters. If you choose a backup drive of the same capaicty then you can clone it regularly, and the cloned drive will enable you to be up and working again within minutes.

Remember always that a backup is only as up to date as the last time you made it.

  JonnyTub 23:09 23 Mar 2005

Highly reliable, Performs excellent, software is a breeze to install and use, that's it. If you want simple the maxtor is the way to go. There are much cheaper options as others are currently advising though, require a little more work but nothing that's gonna make you break into a sweat. :-)

  lisa02 23:17 23 Mar 2005

Think I'll get an external the same size as my own 160Gb internal and back up regularly to it. I'll take DieSse's advice with JonnyTub's recommendation.

Is this a good idea?

Many thanks to you all.

  lisa02 23:21 23 Mar 2005

I just thought, if my internal drive where to fail, can I boot from an external easily enough?

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