not sure if this will replace or work with my virgin superhub

  julius44 20:06 23 Aug 2013

Good evening to you all. I currently have the virgin media broadband, and it comes with the standard superhub. I have had the superhub for about a year and I'm on the 10mb package also with a Tv package from them also. Pc world were doing an offer for the Western Digital Dual band router and it was on offer from £49.00 to £19.99 (offer now over), I picked up this router this evening. I've arrived home and taken it out of the box, i thought it could repalce the superhub directly, BUT it does not have a coaxal outlet which the hub uses for the internet. I read on the HOTUK deals website that people were buying this to replace their virgin media superhub, but HOW were they doing this if this router has no coaxal connection?? Or have I purchased the wrong item, or maybe i'm missing something?? please advice Jules

  Secret-Squirrel 20:27 23 Aug 2013

" I read.........that people were buying this to replace their virgin media superhub, but HOW were they doing this if this router has no coaxal connection??"

I think you'll find those people are switching their "super" hubs to modem-only mode then using an Ethernet cable to connect the hub to the WAN port of their new router.

  BRYNIT 20:40 23 Aug 2013

The Virgin Media super hub contains a Modem and duel band router and should be able to connect to most thing that use WiFi. Your account with Virgin Media is tied to the super hub modem/mac number. Unless you need to extend the range of the router you do not need anything else.

The WD Duel band router is only a router and does not have a modem and would only be needed if you had the old type Virgin Media Modem that did not have a router.

Why did you think you needed a router? Did you have a problem with your Virgin Media super hub?

  julius44 20:42 23 Aug 2013

Errm, thanks for that secret-squirrel, but i'm still a bit confused, so If I want to use this router along with the superhub, please can you advise me exaclty what i'd need to do and also is it actually worth it?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:34 24 Aug 2013

"......and also is it actually worth it?"

The Superhub's wireless capabilities are notoriously poor so that's one of the reasons why people decide to buy a new router.

  BT 09:04 24 Aug 2013

As you are on the 10mb broadband I assume that you have the Superhub 1. You might want to check if your broadband has been upgraded to 20mb as Virgin have promised.

If you want to use your new router you will have to set your S/H to modem only mode as people have indicated.

It might be worth checking the packages on offer at Virgin. I was on the 20mb after the free upgrade but when I checked the packages available I was able to get the Premier Collection with a TiVo box, broadband upgraded to 60mb, XL TV package and standard phone, I also got to keep my existing HD box and have it installed in another room. Having the 60mb meant that I had to have a Superhub 2, which so far has been very good, and replaced my own router and Virgin modem. I got all those upgrades for the same price as I was paying before, and I even managed to blag free installation rather than having to pay £49.99 for it.

  martd7 12:35 24 Aug 2013


Thats same deal i negotiated but some time ago when it was superhub 1,i have to say ive had no problems with the superhub wirelessly none at all

  Secret-Squirrel 14:17 24 Aug 2013

"i have to say ive had no problems with the superhub wirelessly none at all"

Unfortunately there are lots of Virgin users who do have a problem with the hub's wireless - here's a typical example. I've also witnessed the poor wireless range myself where the signal was so weak and flaky it couldn't reach an upstairs bedroom in an average sized house. I resorted to using homeplugs to enable the chap to have Internet access in that room.

  martd7 17:24 24 Aug 2013

Yes i have read on the VM forums about some customers problems but its a small percentage like anything,if i wanted the super hub 2 vm are charging £49.99 to upgrade but ive no need

  Woolwell 18:34 24 Aug 2013

Interesting posts - I fairly recently upgraded to 60Mb on the sort of deal that BY and mart7 get but I only got the Super Hub and not Super Hub 2. I have one room in which there isn't a signal but I'm not surprised because of the router's location. Unfortunately there is a metal filing cabinet in the way. With hindsight I should have asked for a longer cable and relocated it but it doesn't really matter as no one uses the room without wireless for getting online.

  julius44 09:42 25 Aug 2013

morning all, how do i now resolve this post please?? I have opened a new post, thanks.

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