Not a subject for discussion but----

  User-324448 16:25 11 May 2004

A few of you may know that old Prof has had PC problems, almost all have been resolved with the help of you people on this forum. I will not name names as you all know who you are and I dont anyone blushing. I have fitted an extra Hard Drive today bought from Anglian Internet, they now have another customer, great service.
Does anyone know whether there has been a review of Disk Image 7, I would like to read up about it.Thanks everyone Prof.

  dazzling 16:31 11 May 2004

is that drive image 7 if so yes pca did one cant remember what issue but seemed impressed.apparently better than version 6(2002)darren.p.s.must be a decent program symantec has bought powerquest.

  User-324448 16:38 11 May 2004

Yes I got the name wrong, something to do with creeping senility. I only have about 8 issues so I may have to troll through the reviews in pca

  dazzling 16:40 11 May 2004

click here link for pc world review pca sister mag in states.darren

  €dstowe 16:42 11 May 2004

DI7 is the latest and best of the range of DI products.

We use it regularly for all our backups.

It's easy to use (works from within Windows, no scary DOS screens) and does as it's supposed to do.


  User-324448 16:56 11 May 2004

Thanks for the link Daz. Ive printed the article out and it looks like this is what I want .Except edstowe has muddied the water and given me an alternative, so where can I swot up about it?? damn it!

  dazzling 17:00 11 May 2004

no he hasnt DI7 is drive image 7 it us sloppy people assuming everybody knows what were taking about like av for anti virus.darren

  Djohn 17:12 11 May 2004

Your welcome prof. pleased you got there in the end ;o)

  dazzling 17:22 11 May 2004

no offence meant edstowe.darren

  Taran 17:24 11 May 2004

I'm not sure if this will help or muddy your waters even further but...

There have been two market leading drive imaging software solutions for a long time. PowerQuest Drive Image and Symantic Norton Ghost. Now though, Symantic has bought Drive Image from PowerQuest, so no matter which product you buy, you'll be buying from the same parent company.

Ghost has been a long term favourite for years in the corporate sector while Drive Image, although it did have a large corporate following, seemed to have a larger domestic audience.

Now, from my own personal findings, Ghost can be a little quicker in creating its images and the size of the image file(s) it creates are usually slightly smaller than Drive Image. But the speed difference is only a matter of a minute or two on a 5 or 6 gig backup, and the image file sizes are at best a hundred or two megs apart.

That aside, either one does a superb job and both have a nice Windows interface where you point and click your instructions to create a back up, or to recover from a backup you made earlier.

In the event of a system crash where you can't get into Windows, both Ghost and Drive Image also allow you to access your backups by using a bootable floppy disk or, in the case of Drive image, two boot disks.

Drive Image comes with a slightly more powerful partitioning utility built in but Norton ghost can also create a partition to back up to if you want it to.

It's more or less horses for courses between the two. I own both but prefer Ghost, but then I've been using Ghost for years from way back when I used to manage a large academic network.

I think for domestic use, Drive Image is possibly the most comprehensive of the two and, arguably, a little easier to use. Once you've used both it all falls down to personal preference though, since they both do what they do admirably.

I'd say as long as you get one or the other and learn to use it properly you'll be fine. Much may come down to cost, since some outlets often have special offers on one or the other.

  dazzling 17:41 11 May 2004

d i 7 boots from the cd rom now.didnt powerquest have a backup for buisnesscalled v2 protector?.darren

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