Not recognising DVD Drives

  ened 09:43 14 Jun 2006

My Father has two DVD drives in his machine and they have both stopped working.

They are recognised by Belarc so I am assuming the connections are okay. But in Device Manager he has Exclamation marks.

He is using XP and the drivers are generic. I have talked him through uninstalling the drivers and re-booting but this did not work.

I don’t know why but he has no Restore Points.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I should add that I am miles away so have to talk him through everything.

  SANTOS7 09:56 14 Jun 2006

Is it because he has not made any, you could try going back to a system checkpoint or restarting in safemode, restarting to last known good configuration...

  ened 10:51 14 Jun 2006

I think his configuration is probably all-to-cock.

I only mentioned the Restore situation as it is currently not an option.

However I shall call him and suggest your last idea.


  ACOLYTE 10:58 14 Jun 2006

Is one of the DVD drives a burner?,if so try taking the other out all together and just leaving the burner,you dont need two dvd drives anyway really.You could also try removing the dvd drive all together in device manager and restarting the pc,see if it picks it up and installs it again.

  ened 13:03 14 Jun 2006

I don't know why he has two and yes one is a burner - I will suggest he tries taking one out.

I have already got him to try forcing windows to re-install the driver.

  Newuser4165 14:27 14 Jun 2006

Have you checked here:-
click here

  Newuser4165 15:01 14 Jun 2006

Additional suggestions:-
What colour are the exclamation marks - yellow or red?
If they are red then perhaps he has unintentionally disabled the drives and they will need to be re-enabled in order for them to work.

He could also try this procedure which I have done in the past to sort out awkward CD/DVD drives:- assuming that both drives are on the secondary IDE channel then, in device manager, uninstall the secondary IDE channel and reboot.

Can't think of anythinf else at the moment.

  ened 06:44 15 Jun 2006

Well this has gone from bad to worse as last night he couldn't even access the Control Panel.

I am going to close this thread because I think it is much more fundamental than simply not being able to access the optical drives.

Although he tells me that all his various security programmes are showing a clean bill of health!

Thanks for your contris.

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