not recognising additional memory

  surfingdaisy 00:08 25 Jan 2003

I bought an additional 128mb pc100 memory from crucial for my old computer running on 98SE and with a PC Chips M741LMRT mother board (which already had 64mb [66mhz] memory installed.) After installation the system only recognises the 128 and not the combination. Ive tried changing slots-if I put the 64 in slot 1 and the 128 in slot 2 the system only recognises 64 and vice versa. Any ideas about what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

  Djohn 00:32 25 Jan 2003

Are both sticks sdram?

  Djohn 00:36 25 Jan 2003

PS you can D/load the manual from click here

  BRYNIT 10:18 25 Jan 2003

This is from the manual Djohn supplied.

operates on a 100 MHz memory bus (PC-100 memory). If you are using a processor that runs on a 66 MHz system bus, you must use memory that operates on a 66 MHz memory bus. You can install any size of memory module from 16 MB up to 256 MB, so the maximum memory size is 3 x 256 MB = 768 MB.

  surfingdaisy 21:45 25 Jan 2003

thanks for your replies. yes as far as i am aware they are both sdram.

I read the manual before buying and inserting the memory which is why i am confused (and frustrated!). the new 128 mb module must be able to run on 66mhz as my system runs as normal with just this module inserted.

  pj123 22:10 25 Jan 2003

Both SDRAM sticks have to be the same size otherwise it will only recognise the largest.

You would need to take the 64 out and run on 128 only or buy another 128 to give 256 altogether.

  crx16 22:24 25 Jan 2003

doesnt it sound more like slot2 is dead? if such a thing can happen.

would it be feasable to try slots 1&3(id wait for someone to give advice on that first,might be a bad idea)

  surfingdaisy 22:01 26 Jan 2003

ok,thanks for your thoughts - i could do that and buy another 128 stick, however how do i know its not just a dead slot [without resorting to going to a dodgy computer shop-remind me to never buy a cheap noname computer again!] and why does the manual not say it has to be the same size. Is this assumed knowledge?

  crx16 18:42 27 Jan 2003

the problem cannot be the combination,if what pj123 said was right, you would always have 128mb reconised,and you dont.

  ellas 19:24 27 Jan 2003

both sdram sticks do not have to be the same,sounds like as crx16 said the second slot is not working,dont waste your money on another 128mb if your desperate for more get a 256mb stick for slot 1.

  Rayuk 19:54 27 Jan 2003

Try installing memory in slot 2 only see if it recognises it,if not then try in slots 1 and 3

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