Not recieving hotmail mails & others to OE.

  gazmix 17:56 01 Sep 2009

I have an fsnet addess. I can send from my webmail to my outlook express & yet when i send from hotmail to my OE & Webmail, it never arrives!

Could all be ok seeing that i can email myself via Outlook express & i can send emails to hotmail via OE & Webmail! So smtp & pop should be in order.
Could it just be a bottleneck!


  accordion 18:48 01 Sep 2009

Have you checked for spam filtered messages?


  johnnyrocker 20:11 01 Sep 2009

i think MS are at it again as they posred some time ago that people using oe would not be able to access in future due to yet more meddling with what was a good mail system


  lotvic 21:47 01 Sep 2009

All that MS are doing is turning off DAV protocol and switching to POP3 for OE click here
They have informed all hotmail customers and the instructions are for the Free Hotmail accounts as well as the Paidfor ones.
Dear Windows Live Hotmail Customer,
You are receiving this note because you have used Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Express, or Entourage to view your Windows Live Hotmail®. Microsoft is changing the way these programs access Hotmail e-mail which will require you to take action.

To continue to receive e-mail from your Hotmail account, please select one of the alternative solutions below before September 1, 2009. After this day, new e-mail can only be delivered to your mail programs through the following alternative solutions.

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook to view Hotmail, you can download free Office Outlook Connector to continue accessing your Windows Live Hotmail within Outlook 2003 or 2007. If you're using Outlook 2002, you will need to change the settings on your program to access your Hotmail. Click here to learn more.

If you use Outlook Express to view Hotmail, you can choose to download free Windows Live Mail (recommended) or change the settings on your program to access your Hotmail within Outlook Express. Click here to learn more about your options.

If you use Entourage to view Hotmail, you can change the settings in your program to view your e-mail. Click here to learn more.

Don't know what you're using to view Hotmail? Have more questions? View the FAQ page or visit the Community Forum.

Why is this happening? Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage use a legacy communications method (known as the DAV protocol) to access Hotmail. Because the DAV protocol is not optimally suited for programs to access large inboxes such as Hotmail which now provides users ever-growing storage*, new alternatives have been built. Last year, customers asked us to postpone plans to retire the DAV protocol until more options were available. Now that these options (including the POP3 protocol) are available, we are ready to retire the DAV protocol.

Thank you for using Windows Live Hotmail.

Your Windows Live Hotmail Team

  gazmix 18:36 02 Sep 2009

No, i don't use OE to view hotmail etc, i just can't seem to send mail to OE with hotmail!
I get notifications of replys from here, although only 1 when there's 5 replys, just not hotmail! ESpecially mails with links etc!

  lotvic 22:11 02 Sep 2009

gazmix, OE is a mail handler on your computer it just collects and sends email for the email accounts you have created in OE
(in OE, click on Tools, Accounts, and look under the Mail tab for the accounts. The ones that are listed are the only ones that OE will collect/send for you)

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