Not receiving emails

  podlod 13:02 24 Jun 2005

I receive emails ok, but in return answering their emails they never seem to receive mine, what am I doing wrong? help, Bryan

  octal 13:07 24 Jun 2005

Has this happened before? Or have you just set up a new account? Which email client are you using e.g. Outlook Express?

Sorry about the questions, but a little more information on your setup would help.

  podlod 13:16 24 Jun 2005

I have had my computor for about 5 weeks and I have microsoft office as my isp?

  Forum Editor 17:10 24 Jun 2005

octal means 'program'. Which email program are you using - Outlook, or Outlook Express? Microsoft Office isn't your ISP - the initials ISP stand for Internet Service Provider, and I can tell that yours is Wanadoo in France.

If you can't send emails the chances are that you haven't correctly configured your email client with details of your ISP's smtp server. The smtp server is the one via which all your outbound mail is sent, and you must enter the details in your mail account settings in Outlook or Outlook Express. Tell us which one you're using and one of us will step you through the process.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 24 Jun 2005

Wannado e-mail help click here

  podlod 12:27 25 Jun 2005

Thanks for coming back to me and I am using outlook on you are right, bryan

  podlod 12:27 25 Jun 2005

Thanks for coming back to me and I am using outlook on you are right, bryan

  palinka 12:38 25 Jun 2005

Click on Fruit Bat's link and then type "I can't send emails" into the box that says type your query here; then press Go. You will then see several possibilities and step by step instructions for solving your problem.

  podlod 11:30 26 Jun 2005

Well thanks fruit bat for the info, I now for some bizare reason get my email to the right person, but the only people now who do not get my emails are the people I know using, but getting AOL & Wanadoo are now ok???please help again,

  podlod 14:22 27 Jun 2005

Please tell me someone the reason everybody I know now gets my emails except those who have ntlworld ???? what am I doing wrong, Now desperate! Bryan

  octal 16:13 27 Jun 2005

I'm at a loss at the moment to explain why NTL recipients are not receiving your emails, it doesn't make sense. You said "those who have ntlworld" it sounds like more than one person you are having problems with, is this correct?

If no one comes up with any ideas are you willing to try a little experiment? If you send me an email via the little yellow envelope next to my screen name, later on this evening about 20:30 hours local time I will send you three emails, one from NTL, one from Lycos and one from Yahoo. What I want you to do is to reply to each one and lets see which ones I can receive from you. I will reply back on this forum which ones I recive from you.

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