Not receiving e-mails with attachments

  Gillwh0 22:21 29 Apr 2005

I have a new laptop and have set up the e-mail account as best I could. Trouble is e-mails with attachments are not getting though. Today I sent three emails from work to home:-
1) just text
2) text with a word attchment
3) text with an excel attachment
but only the first one arrived. Any help gratefully received. The simpler the better.

  square eyes 22:50 29 Apr 2005

what program do you use for emails or do you use internet based?
Did you upload them properly when you tried to send them?
The more information you give on how you sent them the more chance of us understanding what might have gone wrong,
sorry for lack of help at this stage :)

  mgmcc 22:55 29 Apr 2005

Assuming you are using Outlook Express, in its menus go to "Tools > Options", select the Security tab and untick the box "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus".

However, although this will let you access the attachments, it wouldn't explain not receiving the emails at all. Some ISPs are now preventing attachments with certain file extensions from being sent. As Word and Excel files could contain macros with malicious code, these might be blocked, although the email should normally bounce if this is the case. To prevent this particular problem, attachments should be sent as ZIP files.

  Gillwh0 22:59 29 Apr 2005

Email program at home - Outlook 2002 sent from work Groupwise.
Just attached them to the email at work and sent them fine. I am thinking that there is a security setting on Outlook somewhere that is blocking them or something on my anti-virus Avast but to be fair I haven't got a clue! Any help much appreciated.

  square eyes 23:06 29 Apr 2005

I know next to nothing about outlook but i will highly suggest using web based email instead as they tend to be very much plain sailing, eg:hotmail, yahoo, there are many, you can access your emails from any computer anywhere.

  caast©? 23:07 29 Apr 2005

Check with your IT Dept I presume your work PC is part of a network.

Your IT dept will have set up it's own security parameters. One of them could be the blocking of sending or recieving attachments.

We are not allowed to put a floppy disk in our PC's without IT scanning first.

Check also your e-mail security settings are not so high they are blocking the attachments.

  Gillwh0 23:07 29 Apr 2005

Mgmcc, just had a look on my Oulook 2002 but couldn't see this option on the security tab.

I have absolutely no idea how to send these attachment as ZIP files but I am willing to learn.


  Gillwh0 23:10 29 Apr 2005

caast, no problems with sending attachments from work, do it all the time for work so it's not that but thanks.

  VoG II 08:03 30 Apr 2005

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