Not receiving all emails in Outlook 2010/keyboard not working

  wildhouse 20:50 06 Jul 2011

I have taken delivery of my lovely new Dell Inspiron i5 and have installed Office 2010. However, although I have set up my email addresses (4 of them), hardly any emails are arriving in my Inbox. I even sent one from work to my main email address and copied it to the others, and it only arrived on my main email address. I know I have received emails as I have checked using the Talk Talk My Account email access, and there are loads there. It has been suggested that it could be the anti-virus/security settings, but I can't see where it is stopping them. The computer arrived with a month's subscription to McAfee which I intend to stop using after the month when I will install Avast. Any help would be appreciated.

Whilst on the topic of my new computer, it has arrived with a bog standard keyboard which I hate (the keys are too close together for someone who touch types!). On my old Dell I had a lovely multimedia keyboard. I have bought a keyboard adapter so that it can be plugged in to a USB port, however, I am unable to type anything. Any help appreciated as I don't want to buy a new keyboard.

  mgmcc 21:27 06 Jul 2011

With regard to the keyboard, USB keyboards have a USB plug hard wired and may be supplied with an adapter to use with a PS/2 port. However, a PS/2 keyboard won't necessarily function when plugged into a USB port (via an adapter).

In Outlook, have you set up four separate accounts for your four different email addresses? If the addresses are actually "aliases" for one TalkTalk account, you may have to use four separate Usernames to retrieve messages for the alias accounts.

For example, if your main account login is "username" or "username(at)", you may need something like these for the alias accounts:




...if that makes sense.

  wildhouse 23:15 06 Jul 2011

Hi. All my emails are separate accounts - I have been using them in both Outlook 98 and Outlook 2007 with no problems. Whilst writing this I have just opened Outlook 2010 and saw a couple of email notifications (they appeared in the bottom right of the screen) - however, these emails are nowhere to be seen - I have checked the Junk email folder, too, so Outlook seems to be getting rid of them as soon as they arrive!

  wildhouse 23:19 06 Jul 2011

OK. I think it is going to take a while to get used to this new Outlook. I have just discovered that the emails do not appear in just one feed, but unlike Outlook 2007, each email address has a separate Inbox, so it will take a bit longer to check my emails now as I will have to open each email address Inbox separately - but I have found the emails hiding in there!

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