not receiving all emails to bt mail account

  katy32 09:34 03 Oct 2016

For about 2 months now, I have not been receiving all my emails to my account. I seem to be getting the 'publicity' ones from the likes of Asda, Easyjet etc. But emails from people/organisations I regularly deal with eg Ancestry, Utilities warehouse, my own work email and hotmail addresses etc, and other people on my contact list are NOT getting through. They do not get an undeliverable message either. I have tried the 'help' function on BT Mail where they are supposed to call you back but they never rang. I am worried I am missing important emails. any suggestions please?

  compumac 10:44 03 Oct 2016

Have you tried sending yourself an e-mail from your own PC. This will establish you can send and receive.

  katy32 10:58 03 Oct 2016

I have just sent myself an email, and also one to my work and hotmail account. None have been received, although they are showing in my sent folder.

In August, they were being received by the other persons, but I never received their reply.

  compumac 11:07 03 Oct 2016

If you have just sent the e-mail to yourself, have you allowed enough time before checking. I find that whereas it is almost instantaneous it could take a couple of minutes or so.

Is it just the one PC with the problem or are you able to check it out on another?

  katy32 11:11 03 Oct 2016

update: my test email I sent this at 7am morning went straight into my trash folder. why would it do that? and the one I sent 5 minutes ago was received by my work email server. I replied from my work one back to bt account, but this has not been received.

  compumac 11:25 03 Oct 2016

Is the problem on one PC or is it to do with your account across several PC's?

  Jollyjohn 11:47 03 Oct 2016

Log into your BT email directly and look for a Bulk Mail folder. Have the eMails been delivered there?

  Forum Editor 12:03 03 Oct 2016

Which email client are you using - or are you using the mail account in the webmail interface via your browser?

The fact that you can send OK, but inbound emails are affected point to the inbound mailbox as the culprit - have you double-ckecked the settings?

  katy32 12:42 03 Oct 2016

compumac: I have tried on several computers, and android phone.

Jollyjohn(love the name by the way): I will go searching for the bulk mail folder now...

forum Editor: I am using the brower - google chrome at work and home, and then my android phone.

  katy32 12:48 03 Oct 2016

Jollyjohn: couldn't see a bulk mail folder. And it's not a problem with sending emails, but a problem receiving them - would they go into a bulk folder?

where would I find a bulk folder?

forum Editor: I've logged on through webmail and still no change.

  Forum Editor 15:09 03 Oct 2016

Have you tried using a third-party email client, such as eM client? It's a fully-featured mail client, and works perfectly - I've used it for several years. There's a free version, so it might just be worth a try. At least it will help to narrow the field as far as causes go.

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