Not really a problem

  wky 15:21 24 Sep 2005


I have one little problem that is really rare but when it happens is quite annoying. Sometimes through the night I would start converting video or downloading some files and just leave it, most of the time it is fine.

On some occasions however, the hard drive locks, the light is constantly on and the mouse no longer responds, it is total freeze. This has only happened one or two times through the night only and not when I am using it.

So this does not really bother me greatly, does anyone know what is causing these total freezes?


  restless 15:33 24 Sep 2005

I used to do that...gave up when paranoia kicked in!kept waking just to make sure it was still downloading.

  Terry Brown 15:46 24 Sep 2005

Have you overclocked the system ?

It sounds as if the system is either trying to use processing poower it can not sustain for long periods, or the data bus is not fast enough for the processor or memory

  wky 15:48 24 Sep 2005

nope haven't overclocked it at all. This is strange, maybe a strain on the hard drive is causing it to lock sometimes.

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