Not really a Pc question...but can you help?

  [DELETED] 21:03 14 Jan 2006

I am after a song from Shrek 2, which is one of those catchy songs..but you just cant remeber what it is, its driving me mad.

The song in question is played near the beginning of the film, when the trumpeteers come to announce the king and queens invite, one of the trumpeteers launches into a solo, then gets smacked. Can anyone name this song...?


  [DELETED] 21:05 14 Jan 2006

click here
could be one of these...

  alB 21:12 14 Jan 2006

click here ...alB

  [DELETED] 21:14 14 Jan 2006

The solo was the theme from Hawaii 5-0 i believe

  [DELETED] 21:14 14 Jan 2006

Yes it was...

click here

"When Shrek and Fiona are invited to Far, Far Away, the trumpeter who peels off from the ranks to play a solo (and is subsequently hit over the head) is playing the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. "

  [DELETED] 21:18 14 Jan 2006

book him Dano

  [DELETED] 21:21 14 Jan 2006

It wasn't me....

  [DELETED] 21:37 14 Jan 2006

who luv's yer baby.....

oh, there's just one more thing.

thants to go with the "book em dano"

  [DELETED] 23:26 14 Jan 2006

Thats great - cheers all!

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