Not really a computer question...

  Fateful Shadow 23:25 26 Jun 2004

Since this forum is about technology too, here's one that might get you...

About 1/2 hour ago, our RF speakers to the TV went strange and started making noises, much like if another RF device was being used around them. We switched them off, and just recently discovered that the microwave seems to be 'dead'...the power supply is in and switched on, but the microwave doesn't respond.

Do these 2 events link in with each other, or is it just coincidence?

Thanks :)

  Forum Editor 23:27 26 Jun 2004

are there any circular patches of scorched earth?

  Fateful Shadow 23:29 26 Jun 2004 don't think so :P It's too dark to see anyway! But seriously, I don't understand why the microwave is dead and why the speakers went strange all of a sudden!

  Forum Editor 23:32 26 Jun 2004

but it is a strange one. The microwave does emit RF, but it would need to be running to affect anything. The RF emissions decrease rapidly with distance from the source as well, so if the oven and speakers are in separate rooms it's unlikely that the two thinga are related.

  stalion 23:32 26 Jun 2004

is there a storm in your vicinity

  Night Ryder 23:33 26 Jun 2004

Sounds probable. I am an electronics engineer and have encoutered this kind of thing in the past. It is quite likely that what you were hearing was the last gasp from a dying supply in your microwave sending spurious spikes down your mains supply and radiating RF interferance. I should unplug your microwave and check to see if the interferance has stopped.

  Fateful Shadow 23:33 26 Jun 2004

And the phones have gone off...

  Night Ryder 23:37 26 Jun 2004

Phones off?
You're having a laugh ... Close encounters perhaps?

  stalion 23:39 26 Jun 2004

are you still there?

  Fateful Shadow 23:39 26 Jun 2004

I'm not seriously...the microwave's RF speakers are making that 'white noise' and the red lights on the phones indicating that they are working have gone off, yet most other people around me are ok, e.g. next door

  Dan the Confused 23:40 26 Jun 2004

You are now entering the twilight zone...

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