Not quite computer, its television

  spikeychris 16:03 02 Aug 2003

Something that has been bothering me for a while. Has anyone noticed that if you watch tele and there is text on the left side of the screen part of the text is missing ie: "live from" will read "ive from" (the L is missing)

Same applies sometimes when two presenters are on screen at the same time, part of the left presenters head can be missing (left side)

Thought..I know I'll buy a widescreen TV..I did and its still happening. I have tried all formats on the tele including the 16:9 ratio.

This happens on all channels with NTL digital as well as terrestrial.

Will ask at work on Monday but is there anyone with the answer???


  Śamurai Ĵack ₪₪ 16:12 02 Aug 2003


  VoG II 16:14 02 Aug 2003

I've just learned to live with it. You need a degree in electronic engineering to set-up my TV and I don't want to make things worse.

  Jester2K II 16:16 02 Aug 2003

Happens on my Telewest Cable TV connection on a Widescreen TV. Changing the aspect to normal (4:3) shows it normally but in Widescreen its missing the left (or right) most parts.

But then again Widescreen is a stretched version of the normal picture.

Is there any thing in your manual about tuning the picture size??

  Śamurai Ĵack ₪₪ 16:23 02 Aug 2003

Same as VoG.. Just live with it..

  Djohn 16:30 02 Aug 2003

Haven't got the answer to that, but would like to know why the "text panels", Such as the info. for a movie have a perfect straight, Top/Left/Bottom edge. But the right edge is always crooked, almost "S" shaped. Have a look, if you haven't already noticed. :o(

  Djohn 16:32 02 Aug 2003

This thread is PC related. I watch the TV while sat at my PC! ;o)

  powerless 16:44 02 Aug 2003

Open your left eye.

  spikeychris 16:48 02 Aug 2003

ahh, thanks for the input. Picture size >> no specific information, just how to alter the formating. It has to be how broadcasters broadcast??

PS: agree that the workings of computers are a doddle compared to the manuals of new TV's

  powerless 16:55 02 Aug 2003

"It has to be how broadcasters broadcast??"

...and you work for the BBC!

  spikeychris 16:59 02 Aug 2003

unfortunately I work for radio, now if there was sound coming out of only one speaker I'm ya man :o)

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