Not a problem...just a thought...

  Fateful Shadow 18:32 14 Dec 2003

I remember one of my very first was a Windows 3.1 OS but I can't remember many more details. Since then I've used Windows 95, Windows ME and now I'm 15 and working with XP.

Is it just me, or is the term "user-friendly" starting to sound a bit silly? I remember one of the biggest problems in 3.1 for me would be something like not being able to use something from a run command. Now, if I didn't have this website to help me, I would have no idea where I would be!!!

I think it's true to say that as technology advances, the "user friendliness" gets less and less friendly. If I was a new person to computing and I brought an XP system, I don't think I'd last 2 months without something pretty bad going on!

How many others think this?

It's be nice to hear your feedback :)

  paddyjack 18:37 14 Dec 2003

You seem to have covered a lot of ground for a 15 year old!!!

But I would agree it is less and less friendly thats why I stick with 98

  Fateful Shadow 18:39 14 Dec 2003

Ok then 15 nearly 16!

  Fateful Shadow 18:41 14 Dec 2003

By the way, I also used a Commadore 64 and an that's covering a lot of ground :)

  ©®@$? 18:41 14 Dec 2003

i actually find xp more user freindly than the previous versions

took a little time to adapt but once you get used to it,i personally wouldn't go back

  spikeychris 18:41 14 Dec 2003

Couldn't agree less.. :o) Windows computers are getting too easy to use. click here and for my opinion check my "Only an Irishman would get away with that..." post.

Good debate.


  Fateful Shadow 18:46 14 Dec 2003

One thing I mean is that when I used earlier versions of Windows I started perfectly errors, no faults, nothing, literally no matter what I did to it!

I'm finding with XP that having a startup problem is a lot easier to cause than it was previous versions ago lol!

  paddyjack 18:50 14 Dec 2003

could not find "Only an Irishman would get away with that" post.

After all we did invent the comp, even if we did lose the recipe for making ice.

  spikeychris 18:52 14 Dec 2003

Yeah but earlier operating systems came with drivers fit for the job and the odd extra, XP is kitted out with a shed load of third party drivers just waiting to be used. Media players have evolved to an extent that they should be O/S themselves, networking and PDA's and WIFI and and and and and....

Its too simple now


  powerless 18:54 14 Dec 2003

XP wants modern hardware and software in my opinion. Sure it can run the oldies but come lets move on with technology and forget the old stuff. (but you need the money of course)

XP works and i have nothing to complain about, turn on, use, turn off. What more do you want?

There is obviously a reason for error messages so me thinks me would check that the HW is XP safe and if not think about it for a HW that is. Not only that but the setup of the HW.

Ummm anyway...XP is the easiest thing to use and MS should be proud that after 20 [or whatever] years in the game they can sell such a product that is just a joy to use.

Me thinks that the keyword here is WINDOWS try and use something else and me thinks you would be dead.

I don't work for MS but would like to think i do!

  spikeychris 18:54 14 Dec 2003

Sun, 07.12.03 | 12:59 following the Irishmans Sun, 07.12.03 | 10:49 post.

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