Not a problem, just a question on xp

  mammak 21:42 31 Aug 2003

Only had xp a few month,s, 98se before that, so to me a novice the differance is huge,
now that i have managed ( thanks to the good member,s off this forum ) to set up two user account,s for my self and the little one both admin, i wondered mmmm how do i put this, when it comes to the hard drive is the space on it split between the two, the reason i ask is becuase im amazed that one comp, have ie: all my photos on the drive but are only displayed when i log on to mine in my pictures, but my little ones (my picture,s ect are empty)oh i know your going to say how thick can you get , but i really would like to know how it,s done as i just want to lap up as much know as i can about comps, so please good folks enlighten thick Mammak

  powerless 21:47 31 Aug 2003

No the drive is still one.

All that happens is, is that all of your stuff, documents, settings, everything to do with your account is put in its own folder. The other user has all of his, documents, settings etc in another folder.

C:\Documents and Settings < See for yourself.

NTFS < The file system sorts out access to folder etc, allows passwords...

  mammak 21:56 31 Aug 2003

Powerless & smiddy i understand now, and alcudia
that,s great cause i have a lot off photo,s which
i am in the prossess of backing up to cd so as to clean up my harddrive although it,s in good knick at present i dont want to get it to cluttered, thank you all this, its great learning all this. Mammak

  Steve Mat 22:11 31 Aug 2003

The other neglected to tell you that there's also a directory called all users where, if you put anything, all users can see it

  mammak 22:18 31 Aug 2003

Steve Mat please tell me more as there are photo,s the little would love you know on her start menu and a game or two that we have to switch back to mine for her to play kind regards Mammak

  Steve Mat 22:48 31 Aug 2003

Go to File Explorer. As the administrator, you will see your directory, the little one's and one called All Users. The directory structure of All Users is similar to everybody elses. Expand that directory then:

If you want every one to have access to a program then put the shortcut icon either under the Start, Programs menu/directory or put it in the directory called Desktop.

It's the same for files, just move or copy them to a directory under the All Users account.

Hope that is simple enough for you

  mammak 23:00 31 Aug 2003

Steve Mat your a gem thanks so much got it sorted
in fact thanks to you all the kindest regards, Mammak

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