Not printing

  tonyheslop 23:27 21 Oct 2004

I have a epsom C62 inkjet printer I have just changed the cartridges & now it wont print I have done head cleaning loads of times still no ink coming through I have also checked that there is deffinetly ink in cartridges.Can anyone help.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:20 22 Oct 2004

people have not removed the removable tape seal from the cart before fitting the cart.

  Gandalph 01:54 22 Oct 2004

Also take out your ink cart and see if the print head has a black dried ink on it as this would cause the ink flowing. Moisten a piece of kitchen roll and dab the print head on it lightly to remove the dried on ink then replace into your printer and try it.

  tonyheslop 23:24 22 Oct 2004

Thanks for your replys did all of the normal checks before I have fitted 4 or 5 cartridges before never had a problem.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:08 23 Oct 2004

When you installed the cartridges did you re-set the ink counter?...T

  tonyheslop 12:47 23 Oct 2004

yes counters are set & have double checked there is plenty of ink in cartridges must be jets blocked any body know if you can clean these jets .

  THE TERMINATOR 00:10 24 Oct 2004

can't you do any maintenance for the printer from printer properties?

  tonyheslop 11:18 24 Oct 2004

Thanks Terminator there is nothing about maintenance in properties looks like a new printer pity epsom was'nt as helpfull as you guy's.

  pubsinger 12:19 24 Oct 2004

Does it go through the motions of printing but puts nothing on paper? Or does it not even try to print?
If the first, the heads are blocked (or print head electronics are duff... unlikely).
If the second, then the printer thinks the waste tank is full. Reset the waste inkshot counter with the SSC Printer utility, but first make sure the ink tank isn`t full! (You need to dismatle the printer for this).
You`ll get the SSC utility when you click here

  Mozarella 21:53 24 Oct 2004

I`ve recently had the same problem with my Epson printer which fortunately was within the guarantee. I got on to Epson support, got the name and address of their man in my locality and had the matter sorted. He suggested that I should consider having my printer serviced annually at a cost of about £10 or £15. I understand that the service involves a thorough clean amongst other things. Only a suggestion, but it might save the cost of a new printer.

  THE TERMINATOR 22:12 24 Oct 2004

This is your choice, but I have a Cannon 450i and I get the cartridges from Morrisons they are compatables and cost 3.49 for colour and 2.99 for black. You can get the printer from ASDA....T

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