not pc - tv/sky/dvd cable question

  pookie 21:42 13 May 2007


Sorry i shouldn't ask here but i am stuck!!

Got a new hd digital tv today and having problems setting it up.

I live in a non digital area so I have freesat (sky) with outside dish for digital signal. As such should I have tv audio as digital rather than analogue sound?

My set up is new tv, freesat sky box and dvd hard drive/recorder.

I have lots of scarts and aerial cables. The sky dish cable from outside goes into the sky box but where should I put scarts and aerial cables after that ie from where to where?

Also, I have £1.99 budget scart cables. Is it worth getting gold plated scart cables instead?

With many thanks


  woodchip 23:31 13 May 2007

gold plated scart cables Wast of money. I have Free sat but not Skyit should connect as normal dish aerial into sky box scart and aerial to TV. then use AV on TV if it does not auto switch You should be able to fit recorder between the Sky box and TV. On Scarts at the back it should say in out

  p;3 00:18 14 May 2007

if you run out of ideas ,this site may well be able to help....

click here

  bruno 18:36 14 May 2007

While not advocating gold plated scart leads,I cannot agree completely with Woodchip. I had problems with DVD picture quality and this was only cured when I fitted a better quality lead.£12.50p mine cost and it was worth every penny.

  woodchip 19:18 14 May 2007

It's the cable that makes the difference not the gold

  woodchip 19:18 14 May 2007

It's the cable that makes the difference not the gold

  pookie 13:09 15 May 2007

many thanks for this. i have just spoken to tv shop and they say only use scart from sky box to tv and not to use aerial cable as well??

  anchor 13:20 15 May 2007

If you sky digibox is like mine, it has two scart sockets. I take one lead direct to the TV, and the other to the DVD/HD recorder, (in my case called AV2).

When setting up a recording I programme it to record from AV2; not forgetting to set the appropriate channel on the digibox.

I do live in a digital area, so have also connected the outside aerial to my recorder aerial-in socket, then another lead connects it to the TV from the aerial-out.

I use bog standard scart leads.

  mad1234 13:20 15 May 2007

did you have your sky & dvd recorder hooked up to your old tv?
if so then i have just put in a hd tv at home & all i did was unplug the old tv then plug the wires(ie scarts)into the new tv the same way as the old one & it worked no problem

  pookie 14:01 15 May 2007

many thanks for everyones help.

There are multiple set up combinations it seems so i am going for:

sky dish outside aerial cables to sky box.
scart and aerial from sky box to tv.
scart from tv to dvd recorder.

this leaves nothing from sky box directly to dvd recorder but many examples i have read about are like this.

hopefully that will be ok.

thanks again


  bruno 17:05 15 May 2007

Agreed.Higher grade wiring with more efficient screening.Cured all my patterning in one go.It was a bit like that in my old days as a t/v engineer.Low loss coax made a huge difference in signal strength in our notoriously weak signal area.
I have a set up which gives Sky plus,surround sound
and DVD recorder.The set up was all detailed in the instruction book for the DVD recorder(Samsung).

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