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This not PC related but thought most would have a go

  woodchip 19:11 16 Feb 2013

As there are more on hear than other forum possible more than Speakers Corner most likely.

Just bought a Omega Second-hand watch today a SeaMaster Devill Chronometer. Halon Valve button missing but do not know what the two buttons do either side of the winder button, Any Ideas as it work well and vave button is only for if you go deep sea diving, don't think that will come about at any time soon.

Yes Before you all start Shouting at me, I know its a PC Help Room, but I think I have a few friends on hear

  woodchip 14:49 18 Feb 2013

They had no option as the Invoice said that they sold me an Omega Watch, If trading Standards got to know they can shut a business down that sells fakes, though this was done in all innocence to my thinking, it was a one off

  Forum Editor 16:53 18 Feb 2013

"A lot of them about"

Here, for instance.

  woodchip 18:01 18 Feb 2013


Did not know they could get clobbered for selling fakes, It was My Daughter that told me after she checked online. It's even wrong for such as me to sell one that I posses

  Forum Editor 18:49 18 Feb 2013

"Did not know they could get clobbered for selling fakes"

When you sell a fake watch you are selling a counterfeit -it's the same in that respect as selling a fake £50 note. Some sites, including the one I linked you to, try to glamorise their products by calling them 'replicas', but they're just fakes by another name.

In the UK people are not prosecuted for buying fake watches.

  Border View 19:35 18 Feb 2013

Ooooh Woodchip I am so pleased you got your money back.

  Aitchbee 20:03 18 Feb 2013

Most watches [and clocks], that are on display [for sale], are set to 10 past 10, 'cos it looks like a smile in a 'clock' face ... a subliminal advertising 'trick', that 'has stood the test of time'.

  onthelimit1 20:08 18 Feb 2013

Used to be able to buy very convincing 'copy watches' from the Sgn in Sek Kong - Rolex Oysters for 20 quid. They did have an electronic movement though, and were only bought to pose with!

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