Not PC related -but need help with dvd/freeview/tv

  webber_man 17:39 03 Dec 2004

Hi, can anyone recommend a good site where i can get help with setting up a dvd/video recorder with a Freeview box and a TV? Or maybe someone can help me on here?


  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 17:41 03 Dec 2004

got scart if not what output do u have on digibox

  webber_man 17:49 03 Dec 2004


TV has one scart
Freeview has 2
Video/DVD has 2

What i am trying to do is set the video so that i am able to record from Freeview but to be able to select the actual Freeview channel rather than AV2 (which receives the Freeview signal). At the moment i can only record the Freeview channel i am watching and that's coming through the AV2 channel.

Any ideas?

  Stuartli 17:55 03 Dec 2004

The Freeview set top box takes the original RF aerial feed, a short aerial connecting lead in turn goes into the VCR from the box and the final aerial co-axial lead link is from the VCR to the TV set.

You, hopefully, have a freeview box with two Scart sockets. The first Scart lead goes from the Freeview Box to the VCR and another Scart lead goes from the VCR's (to) TV Scart socket to the AV Scart socket on the television.

The necessary aerial and Scart leads may well be provided with the Freeview box.

To record on the VCR from Freeview will require a little research in the VCR manual - the channel to select may be marked/called satellite or similar; in the case of my 11-year-old Mitsubishi Nicam VCR it's L1. It also hs an L2 setting plus the normal television channels.

You will have to set the Freeview box to the station you want to record and you won't be able to view another digital channel at the same time; some computer PC TV cards can do this, but only in the case of stations using the same transponder.

  webber_man 19:47 03 Dec 2004

Ahhhhhh! Thanks. You've answered my question!

What i wanted to do was to tape one freeview channel and then watch another. Darn! Whats the use of video recorders having 99 channels then? Seems a bit pointless that if all we can do is view/tape the 5 main channels and then have anoher which we can then use to view loads of digital channels! Oh well.....

Cheers for the help.

  SEASHANTY 20:53 03 Dec 2004

This is why people have more than one Freeview box.
I have several - different makes. Shame your TV only has the one scart socket. You really need to be able to switch between AV1 and AV2 on the TV if you are setting up dual freeview boxes. Or a composite input plus two RCA phono sockets would also suffice.(Usually listed as AV3).

  SEASHANTY 21:01 03 Dec 2004

Some diagrams for connecting up video appliances
click here

  woodchip 21:09 03 Dec 2004

You need a Switching Scart BOX

  SEASHANTY 21:18 03 Dec 2004

Like the scart video control £9-99 from Index Cat stores click here

  webber_man 22:30 03 Dec 2004

Now i know you can't view and tape different freeview channels at the same time i'll stop trying to fiddle about! Still confused as to why there's so many channels available on the bleenin' video though! I mean how many times do you want Channel 5?!!

  xquest 22:40 03 Dec 2004

I thought there were freeview boxes with twin tuners in them so that you can watch one channel and record another???

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