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  [email protected]© 21:18 27 Jun 2007

Everyone is so helpful. Do you need an outside aerial for a freeview box. A friend has a very poor picture on his TV because he has a crappy indoor aerial and hasn't the facility to fit an outside aerial. How can he get rid of the poor snowy picture?

  recap 21:23 27 Jun 2007

Yes an outside aerial is required.

  Stuartli 21:23 27 Jun 2007

As Freeview digital transmissions are at a much lower level until the analogue transmitters are switched off (due to finish in 2012), then a proper wideband aerial is even more important.

What are the circumstances for the lack of a facility to fit an outside aerial?

  [email protected]© 21:24 27 Jun 2007

Any ideas on how to get round this? Or is that that!!

  Stuartli 21:24 27 Jun 2007

It depends on how far from the TV transmitter you are whether an aerial mounted in a loft area will be sufficient.

  [email protected]© 21:27 27 Jun 2007

I don't know the exact reasons for no outside aerial but I believe it is not an option at the moment. And please no suggestions of Sky or Cable!!!

If nothing can be done then thats it!!

  amonra 21:27 27 Jun 2007

Has he tried an aerial pre-amplifier ? Sometimes works wonders. There is no substitute for a good outside aerial, it's worth the effort to try and fix one up.

  Stuartli 21:32 27 Jun 2007

You can't make a purse out of a sow's ear by trying to boost an already poor signal.

Is there any way an aerial can be mounted on a wall (clearly you will first have to enquire the exact circumstances as to why a roof aerial cannot be used)?

  [email protected]© 21:33 27 Jun 2007

'You can't make a purse out of a sow's ear by trying to boost an already poor signal.'

Whats that mean!!!

  Stuartli 21:34 27 Jun 2007

Exactly what I said. Amplifying a poor signal won't magically transform it into a good one...:-)

  [email protected]© 21:35 27 Jun 2007

So he's knackered until an outside aerial is fitted.

I will tick the box.

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