Not a PC question but?

  Boy Zone 19:58 19 Mar 2006

My question is NOT PC related but I know that soemone out there will know the answer to my question.
My daughter wants me to but her a karaoke m/c.
Well I thought, if I get a radio microphone I could tune my FM radio into the fequency of the mic and use my own HiFi amp for the audio/music and the DVD player for the visual. Does this sound feasible?

  [DELETED] 20:00 19 Mar 2006

It does,but would the two be in sinc?,i mean the words matching the video,dancing and the like.

  Boy Zone 20:06 19 Mar 2006

I don't know, All that do know is that the words and music are o the DVD and my daughter could sing her heart out into the mic. Well that's the theory, but it's wether I can get a mic to be tuned into my FM receiver???
Anyone know the best place to buy a radio mic?

  [DELETED] 20:14 19 Mar 2006

most chilrdrens toys for radio comunications are set on the 47mhz band unlike radio controled which is normaly 27mhz or there abouts you would have to check what frequency it transmits on i would doubt that it would tramsnit on the fm radio frequency 88mhz to 108mhz as licences are require for this unless you intend to become a pirate radio station (LOL)click here have a read here

  Boy Zone 20:32 19 Mar 2006

Just when I thought life was getting too easy.
The only reason I thought of a radio mic is because my AMP does NOT have a MIC i/p jack plug...
I was hoping to get a mic for about £30, back to the drawing board as they say..
Thanks to you all.

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