this is NOT a PC problem but could someone - - -

  TBH1 20:50 09 Mar 2003

This forum is probably the best forun out there for PC related stuff; have learnt a lot from it. However, could someone point me in the general direction of a forum similar to this but is related to car maintenance ? For instance , if I have a problem with, say, my BIOS setting, I would just post a thread here and someone somewhere would help me. Now, I have a problem ( or two) with my car - - - whare to I get help with that ? have done numerous searches but get nowhere. If this thread gets 'pulled' , no worries.

  cream. 20:57 09 Mar 2003

Could there be any thing here of use?

click here=

  cream. 20:59 09 Mar 2003

Sorry I went here and typed in car repair forums. This came back with 171,000 hits.

click here

  TBH1 21:19 09 Mar 2003

impressive response 'the village idiot' - - - have tried all manner of searches but must confess I didn't use those exact words - - - just gonna browse them now - - - -maybe I should have your 'nickname ' ???? Thanks mate, going there now - - -

  woodchip 21:20 09 Mar 2003

Why What's your problem?

  TBH1 21:25 09 Mar 2003

woodchip - thanks for asking but am unsure if stating my problems here would be welcome by the 'this is a pc forum so nob off and find your own forum' guys - - -and I can fully understand where they're coming from. I take it mate that you know a bit about cars so will email you. Worth a pint or two - - -

  spikeychris 21:34 09 Mar 2003

Mr Woody will be able to help you cus if he's not working on that dinosaur WIn98 then he's tinkering with his motor.

Tip for future:

My BIOS isn't working on my distributor, should my big end be NTFS or FAT32?...this should get you past the sentrys... ;o)


  TBH1 21:39 09 Mar 2003

spikeychris - - -nice one mate !!!! Gonna to a bit of 'googling' - - -don't that sound rude ????Back presently

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:08 09 Mar 2003

click here.

good luck with your car

  woodchip 22:11 09 Mar 2003

Check your Post

  cream. 22:14 09 Mar 2003

PC\Ford Escort Advisor.

Helproom could be vauxhall room?

Consumerwatch could be lada riva watch.

and my postings could of course become my oil changes?

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