NOT a paranoid thread, REAL hacker sneaked past...

  Gaz 25 04:13 26 Aug 2003

I went along to find info on a parasite being paranoid me, so I went to doxdesk .com

However, I by mistake typed and. doxdesk .com in

(no spaces)

Ouch, it did say Page cannot be displayed, but then, oddly to check in my TCP connections

Rather than localhost, oddly >>>>





and other all conncting to and. doxdesk .com

and I could not close the connection.

Oddly when I blocked and . doxdesk .com it blcoked all my internet.

All my information must have been sent to doxdesk hackers,

Odd, dont you think?

Restarted and back to localhost.

Very spooky, one of the ports it was using was 80, and 123.


Help, was this a hacker?

I would appriciate opinions but I dont think this was over reactive, and I run NPF 2003 and also a router that has firewall.


  AndySD 06:31 26 Aug 2003

Port 80 is the HTTP port

Poert 123 is click here

Check TCP connections is common when it cant connect.

Dont worry about it ...... but if you are paranoid block outgoing port 123 on the hardware firewall.

  Gaz 25 07:05 26 Aug 2003

Thanks, all ports show up at GRC.COM sheildsup as stealth but it is odd, and . doxdesk .com should replace local host, I have blocked the WHOLE domain now on the hardware firewall, but I think it is a HACKERS website, am I paraniod or have I been hacked?

  Gaz 25 07:06 26 Aug 2003

I dont run linux by the way, Win XP pro.

  Mango Grummit 08:00 26 Aug 2003

I can see why you are up all hours. Does any one else in your house sleep at all? Must be real spooky living with you!

  Gaz 25 08:42 26 Aug 2003


Well Bump anyway.

  -pops- 08:47 26 Aug 2003

Who/what is doxdesk and why should you go there?

How can you mistakenly type an "and" in a website address?

Why do you mention Linux?

  Gaz 25 08:50 26 Aug 2003

www. doxdesk .com is for Spyware

click here. doxdesk .com is a hackers site becuase it repalced all my Localhost with this webaddress.

Dox desk, on his site it says and. so that is what I did http:// and . with out spaces.

I went to the link provided and it is for Linux: click here

  Kitz E Kat 08:53 26 Aug 2003

Paid a visit that site, on my Linux Box,seems OK,as mentioned block Port 123 as there are a number of exploits for Port 123, as there are for every port including 80, however your forewall should reject these exploits if it is up to date....

Stay cool dude!!!!

Kitz E kat

  Gaz 25 08:55 26 Aug 2003

Kitz E Kat, looks like you know what I am talking about then, my firewall is stealth on port 123, but I do think there is a trojan on that site you know.

  Gaz 25 08:57 26 Aug 2003

Stealth ntp
Network Time Protocol

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