Not notified of MS Updates

  Nosmas 13:01 17 Feb 2006

System XP Home SP2

I keep my system on 24/7 but disconnect from the Internet before going to bed. (I also connect and disconnect from the Internet at various times during the day). I have a triple-boot system – 2 partitions each with XP and a third partition with Windows 98SE. One of the XP OS’s is for ad hoc testing of new software and is infrequently used. The other XP is my main OS.

On Wednesday 16/02/06 I re-booted into the Test OS, and realising that we had just passed the second Tuesday of the month and that MS would probably have released another batch of Updates, I manually accessed these (via Start > Help and Support > Keep your computer up-to-date with Windows Update) and found there were five updates which I duly installed.

I then re-booted into the normal XP OS, but even though my system has Automatic Updates turned ON and the time to install them is set for Every Day at 03:00, I have yet to see the normal yellow icon in the notification area that tells me there are updates waiting to be installed. This icon has always appeared for previous updates. My Sygate Traffic Log shows that the MS update sites (, and have been visited several times in the past few days, although different IP addresses seem to have been used at different times the same URL has been accessed.

I know I can manually download and install the latest updates, but am puzzled why I have not been notified they are ready. Has anyone any ideas about this please?

  Jackcoms 14:48 17 Feb 2006

I may be missing the point here but in your first paragraph you state "disconnect from the Internet before going to bed".

In your third para you then say "the time to install them is set for Every Day at 03:00".

I assume that 03:00 is 3a.m. in the morning when, presumably, you were in bed and your PC was disconnected from the net.

So, to my mind, whilst your PC may be set to INSTALL at 03:00 it first has to DOWNLOAD - which it may have attempted to do at 03:00.

But as you were disconnected it wouldn't have been able to download.

  Nosmas 15:09 17 Feb 2006

Thanks for your response. Judging by the Sygate Traffic Logs, one of the first things that happen WHENEVER I connect to the Internet, is that my system automatically goes to the MS Update sites (and presumably checks for any available updates). I also presume that any relevant updates are then downloaded and stored somewhere on my system. Thus even though I am not normally connected to the Internet at 3:00am, any already downloaded updates could still be installed at that time.

However having said that, I have found in the past that when I hover my mouse over the yellow icon in the notification area it displays something like "New updates are ready to be installed" and clicking on the icon launches into the installation procedure. That icon should have appeared in the last few days but has not, and the last Updates installed on my system were those issued in mid-January.

  Jackcoms 15:14 17 Feb 2006

It's my own experience that Automatic Updates is not infallible and, on several ocassions (including last Tuesday), has just not worked.

Like you, I then go to the MS Update site and manually download any patches.

  Nosmas 21:13 17 Feb 2006

Any other contributions please?

  VoG II 21:17 17 Feb 2006

As Jackoms says, it is unreliable.

I know that the second Tuesday of each month is when updates are normally released and I go to the site and install them manually.

  Nosmas 22:07 17 Feb 2006

Thanks for your comments. Seems that I am not alone with this problem. In view of the importance of theses updates, I would have thought that MS would be interested in knowing about this - if they don't already. Think I might drop them a line and see what response I get!

  Nosmas 01:39 18 Feb 2006

Yellow shield icon finally appeared around midnight. Finished the job I was working on, clicked on the icon to start the installation procedure and all went well. Re-booted as instructed and checked that all five February Updates have now been installed.

Better late than never I suppose, but still puzzled why Updates appears to be unreliable.

  clock 13:13 18 Feb 2006

Nosmas and all,

Like you I knew updates would be out Tuesday and waited a day or two for the yellow shield to appear and start the download! It didn't happen so I updated manually. Guess what? As the updates started the yellow shield appeared, mirroring the manual update!

I mentioned this in a previous posting as this subject comes up frequently. Seems Microsoft are still not aware of any problems? Should we all bombard them with queries on this??


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