Not Many New Thread

  woodchip 17:32 01 Jun 2011

Or posts These last few days, as it gone to dogs. No need for long winded document but would like to hear from some real people.

Having a Real problem creating this thread as it will not load either

By and By, they have just discovered a Cannabis farm, next door but one to where I live. Never smelt anything like it,he payed up front in cash for the house about 5 weeks ago so he must have been bring stuff in by night. I thought we was free of that kind of stuff up hear, they have got him by the way. and clearing it at this very moment in time

  onthelimit1 18:27 01 Jun 2011

Totally off thread, but I spent some time flying helicopters in Belize. One of the jobs was to take members of the Belizian Defence Force out to cannabis fields to burn the crop. On one occasion, when I returned, they'd all been standing downwind of the burning crop. You can imagine the state they were in!

  Bald Eagle 20:53 01 Jun 2011

Out here in Brittany where I live the Custom's helicopters fly over all summer. The trick is to grow cannabis in the centre of maize fields which are nigh on impenetrable! Hence the flyovers!

  The Kestrel 21:08 01 Jun 2011

I find the present version of the forum much less user friendly than the old one. All the hassle required now to put in a link puts me off posting if an answer requires one. Please can we go back to the old system where you simply copied and posted links and the 'click here' magically appeared with your text.

  woodchip 21:26 01 Jun 2011

I am spending more time in other parts of the site like Consumer Watch and Speakers Corner. That's when PCA is working it went down not long ago, was getting the Page error Site not working

  woodchip 21:41 01 Jun 2011

Well with Speakers corner I am wary of not getting into Arguments, as views differ that much on subjects, depending on what it is

  AroundAgain 22:25 01 Jun 2011

The 'new' forums webpage has deterred me from reading posts. The threads listed are well behind what has actually been posted.

There seem to be fewer posts of interest, for some reason. I sometimes do find very interesting threads in Speakers Corner. As n47 mentions, posting can be daunting.

I used to check out the forum frrequently and regularly before it was changed to this new format but I have to say I don't find it as inviting, or interesting since the change.

Like most things, ie inserting a ling, it's easy when you know how. However, I didn't have any difficulty with the previous format. Had to post for instructions on this format, even though, now I know, it's actually quite straight forward. Obviously, this new format is not as intuitive.

Would like to hope that the forum picks up again soon, whatever the reason for the current situation.

  Strawballs 22:39 01 Jun 2011

I must be in the minority as I like the new format, yes the link insertion is a bit more complex but it allows you to insert a title rather than just the "Click Here"

I too know what you mean about posting in speakers corner in general.

  amonra 09:19 02 Jun 2011

Got to agree, the overall "quality" of the site has deteriorated since the new improved system has been installed. I know it's no good looking back to the old site and wishing things would return to normal, but there were a lot of things I would like to see restored. Happy days.................

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