Not happy with new graphics card

  techy gal 16:56 04 Mar 2005

I have just replaced a Radeon 9200 PCI card with a Radeon 9250 128MB AGP card (because I needed to free up a PCI slot).

I had immense problems with this. Fortunatley I don't appear to have been the only one over time on this site, so many thanks to all those who have had problems and those who responded.

However, having now stopped the PC rebooting and I've got my resolution settled and happy, everything is really blurred. Wondered if it was me having spent 3 hours tearing out my hair in getting this set up but it would appear not.
Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?
I have downloaded the latest drivers to be sure I had the most up to date but no change.

If anyone can shed any light....??

  TomJerry 17:06 04 Mar 2005

maybe need to dig into bios to enable AGP and set primary monitor as agp etc, worth a try

  techy gal 17:09 04 Mar 2005

Ah, yes, there's the rub. I can't seem to get into the BIOS.
Am I right in saying that on startup if you hit the delete key when the POST screen appears it should enable you to enter the BIOS?
All it does is tell me that it doesn't think my keyboard is working!?

  ulrich 17:12 04 Mar 2005

You might have to hit the F1 or F2, it depends on your PC, tell us your pcmaybe someone else can help, is the refresh rate correct?

  techy gal 17:12 04 Mar 2005

Also, as for uninstalling the driver for the PCI card - another strange thing. I ent into device manager and asked it to uninstall the graphics card. When I installed the new one and restarted it showed I had 2 cards, both in location PCI 1. I disabled the 'secondary' because this was clearly not the new card (checking through the settings for screen resolution etc, it was clear which was the new one), but it still shows as there and the new one implies it's in the PCI slot - is it me?

  techy gal 17:13 04 Mar 2005

The PC is a HP Business desktop d330 - does that help?

  Demonstar_T 17:13 04 Mar 2005

If you go into the bios reset the ACPI configuration data or ESCD configuration (Dependent on your BIOS version) this will reset your PCI\AGP Irq's

  techy gal 17:15 04 Mar 2005

Sorry Demonstar_T - I can't seem to get into the bios - which key do I need on startup?

  Diemmess 17:16 04 Mar 2005

Usually Delete, - but depending on the computer can be quite a variety of keys..

Whichever key, it must be used early enough and will usually tell you which one at the bottom of the screen for a very brief moment.

  TomJerry 17:17 04 Mar 2005

keep trying

  TomJerry 17:18 04 Mar 2005

the one on right bottom of key pad

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