Not getting emails from AOL?

  pj123 12:51 03 Dec 2003

I have a friend who is on AOL dialup. He regularly sends me emails but for the last month or so I am not getting them. I went to his house on Tuesday 2nd December and actually watched him send me an email. He got the message "Your email has been sent" Hasn't arrived at my end yet. He does not get any returns like "undelivered". Anyone on AOL dialup want to send me a test email??

  colberly 15:07 03 Dec 2003

Have sent you an e mail via PCA I am on AOL dialup at the moment. So if you want to try another one directly through AOL from my address do let me know.

  Sir Radfordin 16:14 03 Dec 2003

I know it sounds obvious but you have checked that a rouge address has not sneaked into the system and in fact his emails to you are going some place else?

It could be your ISP is blocking emails form AOL for some reason - they may think it's spam, or like a lot of people just don't like AOL and so are being annoying. May be worth speaking to your ISP to see if they can shed any light on the situation.

  Diemmess 16:14 03 Dec 2003

Will post this and send a "sample e-mail" via PCA.
Then if you want your own via Aol, just reply to mine...........

  Diemmess 16:19 03 Dec 2003

Quite exciting to have a "rouge address" creep in!
Does this mean a red letter"

  Djohn 17:02 03 Dec 2003

This is a problem with AOL's policy of blocking spam. They have a filter that is triggered in several ways, one of them is if too much traffic is coming into their servers from any other ISP, the a temporary block is placed on that ISP, not on any individual account.

Unfortunately, because of this many genuine emails will get caught up in this blocking and be withheld for the recipient. The senders ISP is informed of the "Mass" block and it is lifted within 24 hours, sometimes sooner, but this requires the senders ISP to respond to AOL in the first place. This will explain why the sender is not notified of the returned email. [Makes no difference if sent or received by/from AOL.]

This was the main reason for me leaving AOL and the only reason they agreed to release me from a 12 month contract. I have spoken with their, [AOL's] head of media relations regarding this matter both by phone and email.

I had a thread running on this subject and included AOL's response to the problem, also their full permission to disclose it in a public forum. They are very happy with their current policy and have no intentions of altering it in the near future. j.

Friends have been experiencing AOL e-mail problems for some weeks, and without exception are looking for alternatives.I don't suppose this will bother AOL as they will only increase the number of CD's/coasters/bird scarers they inflict on us.

  rawprawn 17:31 03 Dec 2003

My friend is on AOL which I hate because it seems to take over your computer, however he emails me regularly with no problems. Having said that he upgraded to AOL series 8 & lost all his emails for the past 6 months and despite their helpline cannot get them back.

  Djohn 17:44 03 Dec 2003

rawprawn when your friend upgraded to version 8 it will have left version 7 on his PC unless he specifically asked for it to be removed when doing the new install.

To check for this, go th add/remove programs and highlight AOL, click on remove and it will do a search for any and all versions still on the PC.

Any it finds it will display and ask you if you want to remove them. At this point back out of the removal process, you will have confirmed that 7 is still on the PC.

Now it's just a matter of doing a search for the back-up files of 7 and transferring them to 8, the emails will then show up. If you can't transfer them for any reason, just re-install version 7 alongside 8 and you will be able to access either one from the AOL folder.

I used to have 5 or 6 different versions running on my PC when I was BETA testing and could open any one that I wished, and log on. j.

  rawprawn 22:46 03 Dec 2003

Thank you for that, I will Go & see him with this info.In fact I have just copied & sent your advice by email. Thank you for your imput.

  pj123 22:54 03 Dec 2003

colberly and Diemmess Got your emails OK (via PCA) Will reply to you direct and see if you can send me direct. Thank you

John can't see why AOL should be blocking one of their own members from sending a single email to me. All others in his address book are receiving emails from him.

All other emails from friends and family are arriving in my inbox OK

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