not genuine copy of vista

  lesbos123 12:59 20 Aug 2008

my sons g/f had her computer updated by some1 to vista from xp after a few months of use laptop now say it not genuine copy of vista she got genuine xp code on computer would it be possible to clean install xp as i got 2 genuine copys of xp as her computer was bought 2nd hand she not got any xp discs any help would be good

  Technotiger 13:09 20 Aug 2008

As long as the original XP whose Key is shown on the PC is no longer in use on any other PC, then I would say Yes, it is OK to install a Genuine XP and to use that Key. Have you still got details of the seller?

  DieSse 13:17 20 Aug 2008

Within limits, as long as you have the installation keys, you can use any copy of the relevant XP CD.

You can't, for instance, use an XP home key with an XP Pro CD - and also the Service pack version of the CD normally has to match.

I've just done exactly this for a client - some clown had installed a pirate XP Pro onto a system with a genuine XP Home key. Replaced it with XP Home (from a CD from another system) and now all hunky-dory.

  lesbos123 13:24 20 Aug 2008

thanks diesse
the laptop ive just bin told is xp pro but like i said i have 2 genuine xp homesp2 copies would i be able to use 1 of these as only have them installed on 1 computer

  lesbos123 13:27 20 Aug 2008

he disappeared without trace

  DieSse 13:35 20 Aug 2008

The actual CDs are irrelevant, in the sense that it's the keys that are vital - all CDs are the same (apart from version differences.)

So - you can use your XP home CD on the system with the XP Home key (service pack version permitting).

You can also use it on the system with the XP Pro key - if and only if you have an unused key for XP Home. I presume you have that if you have two CDs and only one installed.

Just to try and make it as clear as poss - it's one key per system only. The Same CD can be used with any key of the relevant series.

  lesbos123 13:56 20 Aug 2008

both copies of xp ive got are OEM but only installed on 1 computer

  DieSse 14:16 20 Aug 2008

Keys on a label stuck to the cases of systems are OEM versions - in case you were unsure.

  Technotiger 15:12 20 Aug 2008

He he, I haven't disappeared, at least I don't think so - I was out. Now I am back but I can see the guys have you well in hand!

  I am Spartacus 16:11 20 Aug 2008

You should note that if the XP key is for the Education version then you can't use a non-education disk to install, certainly in XP Pro anyway.

I bought a spare copy of XP Pro from ebay which turned out to be the Education version. I used my XP SP3 slipstreamed disk to install on a new build thinking it would save a bit of time but it wouldn't accept the key. As soon as I installed using the 'Education' disk it recognised the key and went to to activate successfully.

  bluto1 18:38 20 Aug 2008

He He indeed. You fell for that one. Read the last question of your first post and apply lesbos123's answer. (:-)))

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