"Not enough system memory available" message

  Adam Patrick 00:10 15 Jan 2005

Hi there
I've come across a message telling me I need to free up more system memory to continue using a program, but I don't know how.
Could anyone advise me?

  iarno 01:06 15 Jan 2005


Try typing in the search box System Memory one of them may help.

I'm no expert so cant offer any other sugestion.

Good luck, if any help dont forget to post back.


  lotvic 01:12 15 Jan 2005

Just a few suggestions that might help.
could be that your hard drive is nearly full and there is not enough room for the swap file.
Or you have too many apps open at the same time, all of which are storing info in the swap file on your hard drive. Suggest you look to see how much room your have left on your hard drive.
Or you could try a defrag to tidy up. Empty the Temp folder.

anyone else got any ideas?

  hugh-265156 01:23 15 Jan 2005

can you tell us the operating system you are using and the ammount of memory installed please?

what is the 'program' that throws up this error please?

  AndySD 01:44 15 Jan 2005

click here and have a read. I have seen this message before and its often solved by following the advice there.

  lotvic 01:52 15 Jan 2005

AndySD that's a great link! I'll be using it. Ta.

  hugh-265156 01:55 15 Jan 2005

see also click here

  Mango Grummit 05:34 15 Jan 2005

If you google 'freemem' (sorry for being a tad obvious) you will get this

click here

and it is ok but I have used this for yonks

click here

and of them all RamBooster really does work even better than the much-loved CacheMan.

regards, M

  Adam Patrick 13:33 15 Jan 2005

Thanks for the advice.
In reply to your suggestions, I've checked amount of free memory (using RAM booster as reccommemded) and there is 800MB (810,000 KB) RAM free apparently! (altogether I have 1GB DDR PC2100). Also have 2GB hard disk space left. The program in question is a game called Championhip Manager 99/00 (each time I try to load saved game the message comes up). I've tried running MSCONFIG to see background programs running but don't know which to get rid of. I know "Systray" is very important and also Exporer (Explorer doesn't seem to be listed).
The thing is, recently I've installed and run another program which is EXTREMELY memory hungry and it's still on my other hard drive. Perhaps uninstalling this might help. Having said that, according to RAM booster there is still 800MB of memory free anyway, so surely that's not the problem.

  lotvic 17:54 15 Jan 2005

In my humble opinion your hard drive is too full and so does not have enough room for the page file needed for the prog.

  AndySD 18:59 15 Jan 2005

The list of what to turn off is in a zip file click here

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