Not enough space on HDD 'Update' 20:00

  Ally 20:10 25 Jul 2004

I know it sounds incorrect but the system does say the HDD is almost full. Yet it is 40GB. The only software is Office pro a lego constructor game and some anti virus stuff. Is there any chance this could be connected with using the internet? I'm not the only user. I have my own laptop.

  LastChip 22:07 25 Jul 2004

What happens if you go to My Computer; right click, Explore; right click the drive and select properties?

Take a look at the pie chart and see if it agrees with the message your getting.

If it does, look at the directories and folders to see where (and what) the large files are.

You only need to download a few DVD's and 40 Gigs will be swallowed!

  norman47 22:30 25 Jul 2004

Are you using windows xp? and if so are they at the default settings?

System restore by default is set at 11% of hard drive space = 4.4gig

The recycle bin is set at 10% of hard drive space so it can be = 4 gig ( note I say can be)

The temp internet folder by default can be up to 1.4 gig for your hard drive.

So you could be loosing up to 10 gig with those settings, this does not take into account what size your windows temp folder is using.

Also right click my documents in the C folder in my computer. What size is this?

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