Not enough space in c drive

  [DELETED] 17:21 23 Aug 2003

Hi there,

Am trying to install game but says that not enough space to install as needs 90mb of space so to delete files. I dont understand because I should have nearly 80gb of memory what do i do?

  alan 2273 18:50 23 Aug 2003

What OS are you using as some older programmes will not install properly in XP.

  [DELETED] 18:55 23 Aug 2003

It says for use with 95, 98, ME and xp. The games requirements say 20mb free space but when tried it said it needs 90mb?

  [DELETED] 18:56 23 Aug 2003

Sorry, I've got XP, do you think that's the problem?!

  alan 2273 19:07 23 Aug 2003

I have had a few programmes that say they are XP compatable and one of them said not enough space and the others just refused to load

  [DELETED] 19:10 23 Aug 2003

Thanks Alan, I guess it's a game to sell on ebay.

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