not enough psu cables for case fan cooling

  MadRue 19:56 26 May 2006

Dear all :)

Recently one of my Antec 9db fans started to rattle so I removed it from the back of my case and stuck it on the fire!

Now I am stuck with one less fan, no problem there, I have ordered 5 new Antec tricool 92mm fans to replace all my current fans.

The problem I have is that I do not have enough PSU cables to connect them all. I have an Antec 430WATT truepower that cost a fair whack and so I wish not to replace it. At the moment I am connecting all the fans up so I have two fans per PSU power cable. This I have noticed will reduce the speed of each fan, in comparison to one fan per power cable.

Can you suggest a means of getting optimum power to each fan?
For example: Is there an external PSU I can buy that sits where in a PCI case slot and can provide additional power cables?




  martjc 20:36 26 May 2006

...How many do you have now? Can't the new fans use the old connectors? Bottom line - you can't get a quart out of a pint pot. If you've noticed the fans slowing down, there may be one of two reasons:

1. The PSU cannot supply enough power for them all to run at top speed.

2. The fans DO NOT need to always run at top speed. They are being regulated by software and the system is cool enough.

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